That Water Thing…

Social Issues: African Black Child Drinking Fresh Water From TapI suck at drinking enough water daily.

I don’t know if it’s because my parents never really drank water. Probably. But I can go an entire day without drinking water (or, really, anything), and feel fine about it.

I know water is healthy.

I know that water feeds your cells. I know that often if we feel hungry, we’re really thirsty. I know. I know. I know.

I’ve tried all the tricks to get myself to do it.

There are apps. There’s having “infused water” in the fridge. There’s filling a big bottle up and just keeping it at your desk.

20160511_103146 [454068]
Camelbak Eddy bottle with rubber bands

But finally – courtesy of FITera – I think I’ve found a trick that “works.”

If you go HERE, Chad (head of FITera) talks about a trick.

I was pessimistic this would work for me.

Surprisingly – it is working! If you don’t want to click on the link – here’s the deal.

Get a bottle & some rubber bands.

I have blogged before about the “Camelbak Eddy” bottle. I like it because you don’t need to tilt it to drink. You just pinch the rubber straw-thing on top with your teeth, and sip.

Surround the bottle with the number of rubber bands that represents how many bottles of water you’re supposed to get in, per day. (The FITera blog that’s linked above gives you the math for this.)

When you drink a bottle, take the rubber band off the body of the bottle. In the blog, Chad talks about putting it on your wrist. For me, that’s just never going to work. On the Eddy bottle, as you can see in the photograph, it has a little “hanger” thing on the top. I put the rubber bands representing bottles I have completed there.

That way, the rubber bands and the bottle stay together.

Simple? Yup! Super simple

. . . but it seems to be working for me, where all sorts of other methods have failed! Getting that Eddy bottle (at the suggestion of my friend  & client Claire) was the first really great step. It makes it so easy to drink water, that it’s nearly worth the price tag for the bottle ;-) But the rubber bands added to the Eddy bottle were the game changer.

By just looking at the bottle, I can see at a glance how far I’ve come – & how far I have to go.


By the way – linked above is a great little video, also posted by FITera, about making different sorts of infused water. They have some great combos that sound interesting – like grapefruit and rosemary. I’ve tried the apple and cinnamon, and it’s super tasty. I actually have grapefruit in the fridge and rosemary growing rampant outside – so I might make up a pitcher of that one today and see how it goes.

Make it a great day!