Tennessee Valley Run with Paula

fenceToday we were to do Strength Training (I think), and then do another Run/Walk combo for about 40 minutes (5 min/1 min). It was a “buddy run,” and Paula, another lawyer I’d met at the Kickoff, and I met at Tennessee Valley.

Paula is an old hand at this – she actually did the Lavaman Triathlon with Team in Training last season. I HAD told her that I was a VERY slow runner, and she said that was OK. She generally paces at about 9 minutes – I’m at 14-1/2.

I got there a bit early, so I did the Strength Training before she arrived. What a gorgeous day! Here are a few photos of my strength training “set up” that I thought you might enjoy.

I’m not quite sure that I am on the right “page” with some of the workout stuff. I thought that the Strength Training was supposed to be yesterday, so I did it.  Then the email that listed the Run workout said at the end “And do the Strength workout.” So I did it again. Hmmmmm. I will admit though, it was a lot more fun doing it outside, and then lying my mat on the grass to do the side bridges and stuff! I think doing it 2 days in a row is not right, though.

Paula got there after I’d finished the Strength workout, and off we went. She’s great! She actually is originally from Atlanta, and has been here for a year and a half. She and her husband are both attorneys, and he was given a good gig out here in San Francisco. She really misses Atlanta though. I had to smile, since my husband wants to invest in the Atlanta area! Such great luck – my running buddy turns out to be FROM Atlanta!

DSCF6173We ran from the parking lot, and I know she was really just “jogging” with me. We did the 5 minute/1 minute thing as best we could – we would get chatting, or I would get out of breath, and so we sort of did what we (I) could. The area is so pretty out in Tennessee Valley. We are so lucky to live in Marin! In fact, this morning I was out taking photographs for my adopted grandson Caleb’s school when I took the dog on a hike – and that really brought into focus how gorgeous our area is.

We got down to the beach, and I had Paula snap a photo of me there. There are 2 ways to go ‘down to the beach” at Tennessee Valley, the easy (flat) way, or the hard way. She asked if I wanted to do the easy way on the way out or the way back – stupidly, I picked on the way out. Oh Lord, when we got to that hill on the way back, I was really flagging! I got about 1/3 of the way up it and said I had to walk – she jogged next to me until I could catch my breath when we were back on the flats. She definitely was helping me with “Atta Girls”! Once we got over the top we ran a bit more, but I felt really out of gas. She let me walk definitely longer than a minute…I thought ( hoped?) that we were done, but NO! She said I had one more run left in me. We were already at the 40 minute mark, but we hadn’t made it back to the parking lot – so I started shufflin’ my feet again.

I saw a bench “approaching in the distance” and figured that is what I would aim for. I was not totally sure I would actually make it, but I had it as a goal. When we were probably about 50 yards away, Paula said, “How about we stop at the bench?” I must have been sending out heavy “BENCH BENCH BENCH” signals that she picked up on!

DSCF6176After the run, I actually was lucky enough to have a facial that my mom had given me as a present – what a perfect end to the day! I nearly fell into deep, snoring sleep right there on the table! I think that a day that includes a mile hill hike with the dog, an hour of strength training at pole dancing and then dancing, and then MORE Strength training and also Running is a bit much. As Coach Dave said, “More is NOT More!” I know that, though it’s hard for me to figure out how to be sure I do what I’m “supposed” to do. I can’t not walk the dog. I like going to pole class. I really liked the buddy run with Paula. I guess maybe combining the Run with the dog walk is the way to go – but then I lose the buddy part. Hmmmmm! It’s all a process!

Now, it’s like 6:30 p.m. and I’m ready for bed (smile). Ah yes, I remember what training is all about….

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  1. Right now, I’m using AlkaBlast and Prime pH/SuperGreens that Stu Mittleman recommends. The runs and bike that I’m doing are really “not that hard” (for regular folks, not for me, the big elephant LOL), and so I don’t have to do “replacement” yet. But Stu very much recommends keeping your body in an Alkaline state. So that is what I am doing. I get the products from WorldUltraFit.com (that’s Stu’s website). So yesterday after I finished, I was really achy, tired, etc. I felt kinda destroyed which is sad to say! But then I drank about a liter bottle (slowly) of the AlkaBlast/Prime pH/SuperGreens mix, while I was making dinner and the like. It was odd, I could actually FEEL it make me feel better. Then this morning, a few lingering “tightnesses” but nothing more. So that’s what I’m up to for now, basically replacing water with this. I think when it gets harder/longer I need real ‘calories’ and such – but this seems to be working for now, surprisingly so. It’s a little like swamp water, but so it goes!

  2. What is your total calorie intake? How much protein, carbohydrates, and fats do you ingest daily?
    Do you receive massages, ice baths, and/or ultrasound? What does your daily stretching program consisit of?
    By the way, my wife cooks for for Phoenix Cardinals players. Hopefully, I can help you. I work with nutritionists.

  3. I haven’t got a clue what my calorie intake is :-) Right now, I’m just eating what comes in front of me, and not doing ANYTHING about “moderating” it. I am going to do this through December 31st, then get ‘better.’ I am using InnerLight’s products on the recommendation of Stu Mittleman to keep my body alkaline, which seems to be helping a LOT with soreness. I forgot I had the products in the beginning and could barely get out of bed. It’s a LOT better now. I actually can’t afford massages, ice baths, etc. – I wish! – I do steam after the swim because I can. As for the stretching, it’s more “strength training” – I’ve written up the routine before – I’m doing no stretching though I would like to get back into Anusara Yoga (just have to fit it in). VERY COOL re cooks for the Cards! We are having an “Iron University” about nutrition coming up :-)

  4. First of all, I appreciate the mental toughness! Second, you need periodization, with respect your weight training. For example, there are phases and days, when your triathlon training is very intense, in terms of physical intensity. There are other phases and days, when you training is intense, in terms of miles or volume. There are days and phase in your training, where your triathlon training is not intense, in terms of volume or physical intensity. Your weight training program needs to reflect a smilar plan.
    Third,go to http://www.fitday.com, in order to begin tracking your diet. As a fomer Marine, you know “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!”
    Fourth, if you have a bathtub, you can do ice baths. Begin putting ice cubes in your bathtub, AFTER YOU STRETCH MARINE! Make sure the water is very cold. Then, take a bath or shower. If you do not have bathtub, begin putting icepacks on your joints and muscles.
    Fifth,get a tennis ball, baseball, and softball. Put the tennis ball, baseball, or softball on the ground, or against the wall. Place your body on top of the ball, that is on the ground, or against the wall. Begin rolling on the ball. Roll your feet on top of the tennis ball. You should feel a massaging affect. Also, you should purchase a long FOAN ROLLER. Perform the ball therapy, before you stretch, at the end of you day! You should perform DYNAMIC STRETCHES/WARM-UP, before you begin all training! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkCZym9CT54&feature=fvw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htq0aRMHF_w&feature=related
    Perform yoga and martial arts stretches, AFTER YOUR TRAINING! You need to set aside two days, for recovery/regeneration only! Normally, my athletes used Wednesday and Saturday, as a recovery/regeneration day. These are not days off; however, no weight training or sports training was performed. Ice baths, massages and intense stretches was performed, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You cannot afford to neglect any aspect of your training. If you do not train and recover properly, you will experience mental and spiritual burn out, compounded with injury.
    Train hard! Train smart! Recover properly! WIN BIG!

  5. Actually the diet/nutrition online that I think is AMAZING is through livestrong.com. It shows you not only where you are in the day but also your percentage of fat/fiber/etc. It’s AMAZING. We have the tennis ball not only for IT band rolling but also for the bottom of my feet :-)
    I may be a marine but I’m WAY too much of a woos (is that how you spell it?) for ice baths. :-)

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