Taping New Show for ABC-TV Today!

I’m soooo excited!  Lisa Quinn (from View From The Bay – the show that’s on the hour before Oprah in these parts) has her own new show called HOME, and the producer called me to be on it! They called Friday, and (ahem) of course, no, I did not prepare this weekend. (We were having friends over for dinner which went GREAT – 5 courses without a hitch! – so that was in the forefront.) Anyway – so yeah fine what am I doing now? Telling YOU about it instead of getting ready (smile).

When I get home, I’m going to start recording a series for my Web Radio Show (not “podcast” – learned that at the seminars I recently went to) on Finances, and in particular a bit more about home-based businesses. I have friends who are losing jobs, I’m watching stores that have been around since I was a kid close, etc. Now’s the time to get the word out about some things that everyone can do for themselves and their families.

The TV show that we’re taping will be on the first chapter of my book (cleaning/clearing) – that’s always the start!

OH and by the way – didn’t gain an OUNCE on the cruise. How great is THAT! I’m down around 164 – still working my way down to my goal, which is another 20 lbs!