Promises Made – Promises Kept…My Vineman Experience

So, about 5-6 months ago, I came to the realization that I was going to need a Secret Weapon during the Ironman event. When was this? During my 1/2-Iron at Sedona. When I ran up to the car where H was waiting with hydration for me and said that I was really feeling sick (which […]

Triple Brick…SOC Lifestyles…Wow, I’m Tired…

I’m tired. Mentor Margaret says that’s what happens about now. You’re just so tired of  training, tired of getting up at 5 a.m., tired of the pool, tired of your run courses, and perhaps particularly tired of your bicycle seat. About 3/4 of my Teammates are doing the Vineman ironman-length race on Saturday – 2 […]

If It’s Saturday It Must Be…the East Bay Century…

OK, first of all, let’s just get this out of the way – look at this: OK, I know that you can’t really read this. But you can “kinda sorta see” the hills. Suffice it to say that the highest percentage was FOURTEEN percent. Yes, a 14% grade. Yo. Mama. Here is actually a URL […]

Money In The Bank: 3/4 Iron Weekend (beware: long post!)

I never really understood the phrase “Money In The Bank” until this weekend. The week was a toughie for me. I had gotten an eye ulcer (likely from a gnat flying in my eye – though I am VERY careful to ALWAYS wear some sort of eye protection on the bike). It hurt to blink […]

Markers, Markers, Everywhere…

This weekend, my “Tennessee Teammate” Missy went and rode the Ironman Louisville course. She stated that it was rollers – basically NO flats, but not a lot of “horrible hills” either. One of the things that she mentioned was that she was constantly gear-shifting, and that she’s going to change out the gearing on her […]

LONG Weekend: Oysterfest for LLS, run/swim brick, triple brick

On Saturday, Maria (M-Dot) Afan and I worked Oysterfest for LLS. Basically, that means working from morning to night pouring Guinness-branded beers, with tips going to the Leukemia Society. It was a SUPER cold morning, so I visited my Favorite Shopping Palace (Sports Basement) to pick up some arm warmers before hitting Fort Mason. Maria […]

Use Your Planks (& Your Grumpy Husband) To Your Advantage!

So. This morning I had an appointment at the mechanic at 10:00. I took the car in on time (a-ppoint-ment…), and was excited because my friend Sharyn was going to meet me at the mechanic’s, to go for my “scheduled” run together. We dropped off the keys at the appointment and (funnily enough), one of the […]

Wine Country Century & China Camp “Hike”

Saturday, H and I did our “big event” – the Wine Country Century. Click HERE for the route map. We went into this having been told it was a “moderate to easy” route, and so we figured that what we would be conquering was more the distance than the “geography.” Well, we were definitely misinformed. […]

S.F. Bay Aquatic Park Swim & Country Music Marathon; Run Marker

So, first, Missy’s update from doing the Country Music Marathon. Missy is my “Tennessee Teammate” – she found me via my blog, and we have been “training together” ever since. The best part was that I asked my IronTeam members to send her good luck emails for her race, and a bunch did. It meant […]