TEN pounds of MUSCLE lost…???

Wow, I’m REALLY unhappy as I type this post. I actually don’t know the last time I was so unhappy. Just returned from getting “re-assessed” on my “numbers.” As those of you who read this blog know (all 4 of you LOL), I was told about the middle of last year that I had to […]

Mo’ Macros… Mo’ Macros…

Ooooookay, you’ve asked some questions about what I wrote in my Krissy Mae Cagney/Flexible Dieting blog post, which I think I better clarify, because those of you asking the questions actually dutifully bought the Flexible Dieting book, and are still confused. (I also have an “oopsie” confession to make, after reading a third KMC book […]

Another Day, Another Workout AND The “My Computer and the Rock” Story

The workout for today is a Swim, then a Spin. Got up this morning to do the Swim early, then realized that at 7:30 a.m., the JCC would probably be teaming with folks trying to get a workout in before going to work. So I did some work – rebooting my computer 52,000 times as […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: A Coffee Chat with Balancepreneur Sheila Stewart, Author of Backwards in High Heels

Here she is – Ms. Sheila Stewart! You’ve all heard me talking on a couple of podcasts about our upcoming event in October with Empower180.com in their “What Women Want” Series. Sheila and my working subtitle for our part in the series is, Recession proof your relationship: How the economy is affecting you in the […]

Boy do I hate working out.

Yeah, ok, so FINE. I “admitted it.” When we were on the 2nd 1/2 of our trip in Peru (you can see the photos at www.facebook.com/fempowerment), we were travelling with a group. In the group was a guy who works out constantly. He couldn’t BELIEVE that there just wasn’t SOMETHING that I LOVED to do […]

The Passport Photo: Following My Own Advice

Okay, SO. About a year ago, I was fat (happy), and in need of a new driver’s license. Contrary to my own good advice in my book fEmpowerment, I basically went down to the DMV, and took the photo. I’d put on the makeup, I’d done the hair, but….BAAAAD. So VERY VERY BAD. Lordie lordie. Of […]

Biggest Loser 2009

SO, this year, after 2 years of just basically “letting it all hang out” (meaning – I have a James that loves champagne, foie gras, and all things lovely and fattening!) I am in a Biggest Loser contest. A few gals in my neighborhood and I decided that instead of spending the $ for Weight Watchers, […]

Step AWAY from the Stuffing! EMERGENCY PODCAST: How To Survive – and Thrive! – During the Holidays!

How to Survive – And Thrive! – during the Holiday Season! In this first of the Emergency Holiday Podcasts, we return to Scott Smith, my Motivational Guru from MotivationToMove.com. Scott is one of my Secret Weapons, and I’m sharing him with YOU. Are you having an issue with Will Power? Are you stressed out? Have […]