Promises Made – Promises Kept…My Vineman Experience

So, about 5-6 months ago, I came to the realization that I was going to need a Secret Weapon during the Ironman event. When was this? During my 1/2-Iron at Sedona. When I ran up to the car where H was waiting with hydration for me and said that I was really feeling sick (which […]

GO VinePeeps, GO!

Today’s been crazy. VERY chilly swim at Aquatic Park (mid-50s I would say, and overcast with a breeze, plus a very strong and cold tide coming in). Jane and I got out after 45 minutes – we felt energetic, we were just super chilled, enough that we couldn’t talk. Another lovely surprise was on our 3rd […]

Mental Attitude for Ironman – particularly for my Vineman peeps!

Mental Attitude for Ironman from Triathlon Training In the final days before you race an Ironman it is essential that you keep a few things in mind. Ironman essence – Gratitude The Ironman hype in the final week before race day often makes you forget the reason you are racing in the first place. Excitement is […]

Lather, Rinse, Repeat – Double Metric Century Weekend

Saturday H and I got up to Yountville to ride the Tour of Napa Valley route with a good portion of the IronPeeps. I hadn’t seen folks in what seemed like forever! (Pre-Half Iron/Sedona.) That day, there were a handful who went down to Monterey for a ride, another chunk were in the East Bay […]

What We Are Doing This For: Hank The Vineman Marshall

I was really sad that I couldn’t stay to meet our Honorees at the Sunday workout. I am really looking forward to it. But we received the following email from Sedonia (our swim coach) today, and this made me so sad…and determined at the same time. Take a read: Hey Team, If anyone is yearning […]