Awesome Travel Pants for Tall Legs and Crossfit ‘Booty’

As many of you know, the entire first chapter of my first book is dedicated to “clearing out” your life – and being ready for anything. This past Labor Day, for me, was all about attacking the entropy that had overwhelmed parts of my life . . . which means culling through clothing, etc. ruthlessly. […]

Podcast 11: Listener Feedback and a Chat about Cashflow

Hello! I know, it’s been quite some time since I did a regular podcast. Amazingly, this is my 35th podcast, but that includes the hynotherapy podcasts, interviews, vodcasts, etc. So I am calling this “Podcast 11” since it’s the 11th one where it’s me, just me… The picture at left is Special Agent V and her […]

BONUS VIDEO PODCAST: The Bartender and the Bond Girl on How to Pack in 15 Minutes for a 3 Week Trip…and Mojitos!

This is the 3rd of a 3-part vodcast series done with Mr. Martini ( The first was in celebration of the Kentucky Derby – we made a mint julep and discussed Da Horses. The second took the bourbon from the julep to create an Old Fashioned, and discussed “old fashioned” subjects such as etiquette, manners, language, listening, and […]