I feel better now…(really, a shout out for BeyondTheWhiteboard.com & the “Spirit of” Crossfit)

I feel better now. Yesterday, I had a good, long rant about what an idiot I was to have signed up for a Crossfit Competition this weekend. However, today, I am feeling more philosophical about it. Why? Well, because of course the gal who is putting the Throwdown together is lovely, and talked me down […]

Last Supper Syndrome…and the New Year’s Day Epic Bridge WOD

Last Supper Syndrome. So, today, my husband and I started the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. Basically, it’s “eat butter for 5 days, carbo load on the 6th, go back to eating butter until you’re at your desired body fat percentage . . . oh and take a bunch of supplements, too.” As described by […]