View From The Bay Appearance: 6 Tips To Change Your Life And Reduce Stress

For those of you who were not able to see the show yesterday (or the 3 of you who actually were in the studio audience – and accordingly have made it onto my “I Will Rescue You From A Mexican Jail” list!), here is the link to our interview yesterday. PLEASE leave me a comment […]

How The Economy Affects Your Sex Life: Interview on Your Time With Kim (talk radio)

HEY! Sheila Stewart and I were interviewed on the talk radio show Your Time With Kim on How the Economy Affects Your Sex Life. Sheila and I met a while back when we were each speaking at a gig, and then I interviewed Sheila a few podcasts back. We had so much fun, we put […]

Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training – Weekly Update

This post carries on from the Podcast of our first Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training call on May 8th with my “Thursday Evening Bond Grrrrls.” Each member has agreed to let the process be open on this Blog, so that others can see what Fempower(R) Coaching is all about. One issue that I did not bring up in […]