I haven’t blogged in a while – lots going on, including finalizing my second book (a Companion Playbook to my first book). Also getting some speaking gigs, taking care of “Honey Do” projects and – surprise! – the ubiquitous Iron Training! I’ve had an Open Water swim and LOVELY bike ride with Iron Mel, a […]

A better week last week than it started…

…so, last week “started” with the Wine Country Century – which pretty much just sucked all around – and the China Camp run, which actually wasn’t so bad since Kathryn and I got to share the time together. It’s nice to do a “buddy” thing where I didn’t feel my buddy was just treading water […]

Use Your Planks (& Your Grumpy Husband) To Your Advantage!

So. This morning I had an appointment at the mechanic at 10:00. I took the car in on time (a-ppoint-ment…), and was excited because my friend Sharyn was going to meet me at the mechanic’s, to go for my “scheduled” run together. We dropped off the keys at the appointment and (funnily enough), one of the […]

Tuesday/Wednesday workout; Playlist; Turkey and Bike Story

Last one first. You gotta read this story HERE – oh lord. And I thought I had turkey problems! Yesterday was a Swim ladder, and a Brick spin/run. I had a bunch of “clean up email” stuff to do, and “suddenly” it was 3:00 – time to get the whole thing in! So I strapped on […]

Runnin’ Sedonia In.

At Saturday’s workout, Swim Coach Sedonia mentioned that Mentor Margaret was going to help “run her in” at the Napa Valley Marathon and I asked if she’d like more company. She said that would be Great, so off I went Sunday morning at about 8:00 a.m. We were supposed to “be on our feet” for […]

Swing Low…Sweet Chaaariot…

Today we were back to Lake Del Valle in Livermore. I gathered up my “Lil’ Lady” Iron Mel, Moddie the Tree Frog, our 3 bikes, bike trainers, wetsuits, various paraphernalia, and off we went from the Larkspur Ferry Terminal at 6:15 a.m. We arrived and had a “pay it forward” moment – Jim K. had […]

My New Suitor, Plus Another Iron Weekend

This is my new suitor. Handsome, isn’t he? Well, he comes with a story. Wednesday, I was working quietly up in my office – which is pretty much on the 3rd floor of our house, on top of a very steep hill (our house is only 2 stories, but you have to get up a […]

Boot Camp Day 2: Groundhog Day, John Wayne, Workout Tourettes, And More…

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.” Vivian Green. Up again at 4:00 a.m., to get in my chosen nutrition (oatmeal with protein powder and blueberries, yerba matte, and Accellerade) and get the “system moving” before getting out the door to pick up Iron Mel at the Larkspur […]

Boot Camp comin’ up!

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while. The Sunday after the swim workout with Sedonia, H and I did a 45 mile “figure 8” from Adobe Creek Golf Course, down to Sears Point Raceway, back to the Golf Course, then out Adobe Road to Penngrove, out Petaluma Hill Road to Santa Rosa, then back (actually […]