Episode 15: Traits of Sex Goddesses

Yes – it’s ME again! In this episode, we discuss James Bond and marriage for a bit – yes, Bond got married, if you didn’t know that! – and then we move on to reclaiming your sensual spark, and some easy traits that us Mere Mortals could adopt that Sex Goddesses use to rock their […]

The universe is like a sales clerk (by Feisty)

Hi everyone! Bond Girl Feisty here (aka Julie), and I’ve been thinking lately about the law of attraction. We’ve heard a lot of people talking recently about asking the universe for things (in terms of career, relationships, etc.). This morning, I came up with a way of looking at this interaction that I think is pretty […]

An Idle Truth about our Idols – from the Marc & Angel Hack Life blog

I met a self-made, multi-millionaire for drinks and dinner last night.  Chris is the owner, CEO and principal engineer for a private software company that nets 20 million dollars a year in profit.  He’s an elite businessman with a big heart.  The compassion and chivalry he shows his employees and clients is unmistakable.  He has […]

Erotic Integrity Podcast – Interview with Dr. Claudia Six (“Six on Sex”)

Last week, I had the honor of being interviewed by Dr. Claudia Six from “Six on Sex.”  (I’m still having trouble uploading photographs, but if you click on the link above, you will be able to see Dr. Six). Dr. Six and I both attended the same school for Sexology, it turns out, though she went […]