Week Update

OK, so I totally suck at keeping track of mileage. I managed for all of ONE post (last one). So Be It! This is the Wednesday-Thursday-Friday post, then Saturday will have its own, and Sunday too! I’m catching all this up on Monday – the blessed REST day. Hallelujah! Wednesday was my pole dancing class, […]

Short Run and Playlist

Today was a “short” run (40 minutes). I’m still concerned when I read I was supposed to get about 5.0 miles, and I actually got 2.6. That makes me 1/2 as fast as I should be. H actually wants to map out the “cut off” (or “chip”) times for the Louisville Ironman, so that I […]

Erotic Integrity Podcast – Interview with Dr. Claudia Six (“Six on Sex”)

Last week, I had the honor of being interviewed by Dr. Claudia Six from “Six on Sex.”  (I’m still having trouble uploading photographs, but if you click on the link above, you will be able to see Dr. Six). Dr. Six and I both attended the same school for Sexology, it turns out, though she went […]

Yippee – See us in Sheila Kelley’s Global S Newsletter!

Yay! Our View From The Bay episode (and my book) were mentioned in Sheila Kelley’s global “S” newsletter, read by all the coolest grrls in the world.  If you haven’t seen it… hmmmm, whyzat? No, really… OK just kiddin’ – here’s the link. Besides, you just gotta LOVE the book that she’s covering… A Mind Of Its Own: A […]

Poledancing Parlance

This week’s San Francisco S Factor Newsletter had a great article by Sheila Kelley (the Founder) called Meanderings. I will link it here, but they “go away” every week, so I will also cut and paste the bit I’m talking about right here: I’m at this global think tank. I have no idea why they […]