Episode 17: Keeping Your Sex Life off Life Support, And What Men REALLY Want

In this, the final episode in my “Sex and Sensuality” series, I discuss sensuality and some of the differences between men and women. I also discuss human sexual response and how you, as a fEmpowered woman, need to get over yourself and get involved in your own sex life. This episode ends with my visit […]

Feisty’s college connection: Party Without the Pain

There’s a cliche out there that you’re supposed to party hard while you’re in college. What they don’t tell you is a night of partying can often end face-first in a toilet. I’ll lay my cards on the table: I’m not a big drinker and never have been. So, on the one hand, I can’t […]

Feisty’s College Connection: Never ask for an extension again

Today I’m going to teach you two tricks to get great grades without asking for extensions and without pulling all-nighters. I got straight-As for seven years of post-secondary education and never once stayed up all night to do it. Here’s how you can, too. Because nothing is as guaranteed to create garbage results, cause tons […]