Easy Smoothies ( WAG IIFYM )

This time – swear – I will get right to the recipe ;-) This is for my friend Joy from Girls Gone WOD Podcast. Joy and I text incessantly, and we’re both doing the WAG program. She has recently been starving on the program, and her coach told her that she needed to increase her fiber […]

Pomroy 101

I’ve had a few folks message me and a couple brave enough to Comment (hi Michelle! Hi Kristen!), so sounds like a few of us will be doing Pomroy together starting on Monday (thank you, Amazon Prime LOL)! As I blogged about HERE, I am re-starting after having some success, then going off the program while […]

Cautiously Optimistic… Pomroy

Quick blog post – and a shout out to Michelle for reminding me to post this! A few weeks back, I posted that I was going to try the Haylie Pomroy Fast Metabolism Diet (that post is HERE). So here’s what happened. The first week I didn’t lose any weight/body fat, but I started to […]

best beef jerky ever!

Recipe: 1 gallon Ziplock bag a cookie sheet (must have a lip) or two a cookie cooling rack or two aluminum foil (to wrap around the cookie sheet) For every 1 to 1 1/2 pound meat you need: 1/4 cup tamari (gluten-free and organic is only pennies more . . . hint hint!) Juice of 1 lemon […]

Sous Vide = The Best Meat You’ll Ever Make

I do a lot of cooking. Luckily, I quite like to cook. I even like the prep work. Granted, I do it while listening to a book on Audible or watching an old TV show (Magnum P.I., anyone? #GuiltyPleasures), but it’s a sort of Zen thing for me. My biggest issue usually revolves around timing […]