Turkeys and Time

Yeah NOW we’re talkin’…I found this picture and I’m quite sure that we could have a nice feast in our neighborhood, if it just wasn’t verboten to take the lives of the flock of turkey-shaped alarm clocks that are now living in our trees. Oy! They got us up at 5:00 this morning…H is going […]

Iron Boot Camp = USMC Boot Camp – no lie.

Wow. What a day. I can hardly even blog about it, my mind is just spinning. I guess I will start at the beginning. IronMel, Moddie the Tree Frog (wink) and I met at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal at O-dark-OO to get over to Lake De La Valle in Livermore (think that’s what it’s called). […]

A few thoughts and catch-ups…new bike marker set; 3 flats in a row; etc.

“Happiness is nothing more than Health and a Poor Memory.” I haven’t blogged in a while, so I think I will start with today and go backwards/ through my Tweetlog: Today we had a Bike Marker set. We did it on the same course as last time – though this time, we marked out the […]

Holiday Week – A Bit Behind on the Diary

‘Tis the season and all that – which basically means something had to “give” and that something was posting on the blog. Not the training, I’m happy to say! This week, after the aborted Bike Ride (see previous post), we had Monday off, then Tuesday was an hour of Progressive Load training on the bike […]

Short Run and Playlist

Today was a “short” run (40 minutes). I’m still concerned when I read I was supposed to get about 5.0 miles, and I actually got 2.6. That makes me 1/2 as fast as I should be. H actually wants to map out the “cut off” (or “chip”) times for the Louisville Ironman, so that I […]

Swim Day (with Playlist) and Run Day

OK I really should have taken photos. Next time. I am SURE there will be MANY “next times”! Just picture here a drowned rat grrl from running, and a swim workout with a flashlight on it! I did the swim workout at about 7:00 p.m. yesterday, because I had a meeting from 3:00 to 6:00 […]

Strength and Bike/Cadence workout plus Playlist; Louisville Ironman link!

First of all – if you’d like information on what I’m going to do next year, here is the link for a TV presentation of the 2009 Louisville Ironman. This will show on Thursday. OK, maybe I shouldn’t watch, I’m already signed up! Today, I tried a trick that Iron Mel mentioned to me when […]

Swim Workout & Playlist; My Favorite Comment from the Weekend

Today was another Swim workout, and I decided to do the “Group 2″ workout to see how it would go. That workout was: WarmUp    300 EZ 3×50 25 kick on back/25 free    RI 10″ 3×50 25 Catch Up (CU)/25 free    RI 10″ 3×50 25 scull/25 free RI    10″ 3x 25 kick back    RI 10″ […]

Run and Strength Day (including run playlist)

Tunes for today’s run: Scar That Never Heals, Jeremy Fisher My Sharona, The Knack Pony, Far She’s Got The Who-Hoo, Sugar Ray Jerk It, Thunderheist Single Ladies, Beyonce Daniella, John Butler Trio Get The Party Started, Pink Mony Mony, Billy Idol Fuego, Pitbull HipHip ChinChin, Club des Belugas In These Shoes?, Kirsty MacColl U Can’t […]