Swimming In S.F. Bay, Running the Presidio, Beach Calesthenics, Marin Metric Century

What a weekend. Seriously. We had had guests on Friday for dinner and then a friend spend the night, but I was careful not to even suggest champagne, wine, cocktails, etc. because I knew that this would definitely not help with the long weekend ahead. I got up Saturday and prepared my stuff for the day, […]

Turkeys and Time

Yeah NOW we’re talkin’…I found this picture and I’m quite sure that we could have a nice feast in our neighborhood, if it just wasn’t verboten to take the lives of the flock of turkey-shaped alarm clocks that are now living in our trees. Oy! They got us up at 5:00 this morning…H is going […]

Swing Low…Sweet Chaaariot…

Today we were back to Lake Del Valle in Livermore. I gathered up my “Lil’ Lady” Iron Mel, Moddie the Tree Frog, our 3 bikes, bike trainers, wetsuits, various paraphernalia, and off we went from the Larkspur Ferry Terminal at 6:15 a.m. We arrived and had a “pay it forward” moment – Jim K. had […]

Swim N Spin…Alligator Arms…& a new You Know You’re Iron When…

Had a networking meeting this morning from 7:00-8:30 a.m., which meant of course getting up at 0-dark-00 to get things done before heading out.  This Ironman training thing definitely cuts a swath in your day, and that’s a fact. It was raining so hard when I went to leave the house, I was quite taken aback. Hadn’t […]

Bike Marker at Nicasio Reservoir & More “You Know You’re Iron When…”

Sunday was the Bike Marker, after the Swim and Run Markers on Saturday. H came with me, and we met Mentor Margaret, Moddie The Tree Frog (smile), Bike Coach Les and Jennifer at Nicasio. It had been really super nice weather when we left the house (about 55 degrees), but as we wound our way […]

My New Suitor, Plus Another Iron Weekend

This is my new suitor. Handsome, isn’t he? Well, he comes with a story. Wednesday, I was working quietly up in my office – which is pretty much on the 3rd floor of our house, on top of a very steep hill (our house is only 2 stories, but you have to get up a […]

Hill Repeats

I definitely feel like I’m doing better with the Dreaded Running, and I also definitely think that it has to do with the fact that we have added hill repeats. Although our weekly charts say to do 6 x 400 hill repeats at no more than 4% grade – running up, then walking back down – […]

Boot Camp Day 2: Groundhog Day, John Wayne, Workout Tourettes, And More…

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.” Vivian Green. Up again at 4:00 a.m., to get in my chosen nutrition (oatmeal with protein powder and blueberries, yerba matte, and Accellerade) and get the “system moving” before getting out the door to pick up Iron Mel at the Larkspur […]