Louisville Weather For Race Day

(courtesy of Missy)  Here is the historical weather for Louisville on Aug 29th from weather underground: Daily Precipitation: The Average Daily Precipitation is 0.06  with a historical range of 0.00  to 0.38  There is a 43% chance of a Precipitation Day.(6 days out of 14 in historical record) Most consecutive days found in historic record: […]

The 99 Steps of a Typical Ironman Trip

(courtesy of Head Coach Dave) The 99 steps of a typical IM trip Arrive in town. Find over-priced accommodations you are staying a minimum of four nights at Unpack bicycle, spread gear around room randomly. Attempt to reassemble bicycle, realize you forgot to mark your seat and handlebar position before disassembly. Guess position and tell […]

Triple Brick…SOC Lifestyles…Wow, I’m Tired…

I’m tired. Mentor Margaret says that’s what happens about now. You’re just so tired of  training, tired of getting up at 5 a.m., tired of the pool, tired of your run courses, and perhaps particularly tired of your bicycle seat. About 3/4 of my Teammates are doing the Vineman ironman-length race on Saturday – 2 […]

If It’s Saturday It Must Be…the East Bay Century…

OK, first of all, let’s just get this out of the way – look at this: OK, I know that you can’t really read this. But you can “kinda sorta see” the hills. Suffice it to say that the highest percentage was FOURTEEN percent. Yes, a 14% grade. Yo. Mama. Here is actually a URL […]

Double Brick

IronMel’s blog about the Brick starts with the old Commodores song, ‘She’s a BRICK….HOUSE…She’s Mighty Mighty….Jus’ Lettin’ It ALL Hang Out…’ – I can’t get that out of my mind now, so I have just downloaded it from iTunes and added it to my “Soundtrack” tape for the Ironman. A “brick” is a combination of […]

A better week last week than it started…

…so, last week “started” with the Wine Country Century – which pretty much just sucked all around – and the China Camp run, which actually wasn’t so bad since Kathryn and I got to share the time together. It’s nice to do a “buddy” thing where I didn’t feel my buddy was just treading water […]

Tuesday/Wednesday workout; Playlist; Turkey and Bike Story

Last one first. You gotta read this story HERE – oh lord. And I thought I had turkey problems! Yesterday was a Swim ladder, and a Brick spin/run. I had a bunch of “clean up email” stuff to do, and “suddenly” it was 3:00 – time to get the whole thing in! So I strapped on […]

S.F. Bay Aquatic Park Swim & Country Music Marathon; Run Marker

So, first, Missy’s update from doing the Country Music Marathon. Missy is my “Tennessee Teammate” – she found me via my blog, and we have been “training together” ever since. The best part was that I asked my IronTeam members to send her good luck emails for her race, and a bunch did. It meant […]

AriaVelo.com Bike Fit and a few more things from last week

On Tuesday (yes, I am “blogging backwards”), Coach Mike K, Helen, Mentor Margaret, Iron Melissa, Susie, Lessanjen (you know, like ‘Brangelina’ (smile)), Paula and I did our Lactate Threshold test at my house. It was a LOT of fun to have everyone over, especially on the day that H left for Austria. Doing the test […]