EVEN IF you have insurance…

A week or so ago, I blogged about a new company that’s of interest to me (that blog is HERE). I have a friend who asked a few questions, and then signed up because, even though she has ‘platinum level insurance’, she thought it was a great idea, at an affordable price. I’d like to share […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: A Coffee Chat with Balancepreneur Sheila Stewart, Author of Backwards in High Heels

Here she is – Ms. Sheila Stewart! You’ve all heard me talking on a couple of podcasts about our upcoming event in October with Empower180.com in their “What Women Want” Series. Sheila and my working subtitle for our part in the series is, Recession proof your relationship: How the economy is affecting you in the […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Minna Yoo from LoveBottle.net

This Coffee Chat podcast is with Minna Yoo, CEO and Founder of LoveBottle.Net.  LoveBottle.net sells reusable glass water bottles with single-hand-opening pop tops that you can write on. The idea is based on the studies of Masaru Emoto (which you can find at www.hado.net), that show that whatever you write on a glass can actually effect the water […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Dr. Monte from Fitness Rocks

This Coffee Chat podcast is with Dr. Monte of Fitness Rocks. I like to call Dr. Monte the Dr. Oz of the Internet. He brings medical information and education to lay people like Dr. Mehmet Oz does on Oprah — but in perhaps even a more amazing way… because he’s doing it for free! Dr. […]