Eco-Gastronomy and Saying Grace

Today’s entry in San Francisco IdealBite goes like this: Ever seen da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”? The Bite Then you know food can be art. And that’s what the founders of Slow Food International – a nonprofit devoted to bringing back whole foods that are cooked and savored slowly – are all about. If you’re into […]

Podcast 9: Earth Day – It Can Be Easy, Bein’ Green

This podcast has some tricks to help you save Energy which is really what Earth Day is all about. These include green tips for around the house that are easy to implement. The beginning of the podcast also introduces you to a real fishing family in Sonoma County that are being devastated by the impacts of […]

Earth Hour Today, 8-9 pm

I just received the following from one of my Bond Grrls in Melbourne, Australia. If you check out’s website today, too, it has a black background — in “celebration” of Earth Hour. From: merr<snip> Hi All,   Did you know that Earth Hour takes place today?  What is this?  Well, apparently the idea started in Sydney […]