Episode 13: Being a Micro-Entrepreneur in a Home Based Business: Recession-Proof Your Income: Network Marketing, MLMs and Why it’s not a Pyramid

Always wondered what Network Marketing was about – and how to know what’s a good one and what might make Madoff proud? This episode discusses some of the aspects you should look for in a MultiLevel Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing business. Episodes 11 and 12 generally introduced you to the idea of having your […]

Episode 12: Money, Honey – A Chat About Finances

After reading the April issue of Vanity Fair magazine about Bernie Madoff, Iceland going bankrupt, and the like, this Episode continues on from where Episode 11 left off – Finances, Debt, Wealth, and the like. I know that it sounds a bit like I’m in a wind tunnel – something is “up” with my microphone, […]

Taping New Show for ABC-TV Today!

I’m soooo excited!  Lisa Quinn (from View From The Bay – the show that’s on the hour before Oprah in these parts) has her own new show called HOME, and the producer called me to be on it! They called Friday, and (ahem) of course, no, I did not prepare this weekend. (We were having […]

The Difference by Jean Chatzky

This book is available as a PDF download RIGHT NOW from Oprah.com – become a member (for free) if you are not already, and GO GET IT! In these financially tough times, being offered free help is awesome!  Here is a clip from the foreword of the book: “A study of more than five thousand […]

Ten Commandments to Staying Alive in the Wild

A great article from the San Francisco Chronicle – perhaps applicable to “staying alive” in this “wild” recession??? – Solitaire Ten commandments to stay alive in the wild By Tom Stienstra Sunday, March 8, 2009 You ever face a life-or-death predicament in the outdoors? Yes? Then you already know to never assume you’ll rise to […]

Intervention on my BFF

Okay, so since I’m now using this as a blog again (smile), I’m writin’ what’s up today. I was up at 4:00 this morning, because the economic news is not good in this Bond Grrl’s household. My James told me his take-home is being cut by 25% (though he still has a job). We talked […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Money Myth-conceptions with Olga Cordiero

In this podcast, Olga Cordiero, a Certified Management Accountant and Founder of the Empowerment Coaching Academy, will discuss the misconceptions (or mythconceptions) many of us have surrounding money. Olga specifically discusses the questions of how to assess whether your Financial Advisor has your best interests at heart, and whether your home is really a good investment. […]