The Amazing Race – video tryout

Yup . . . I also did a video submission. As I mentioned in the last blog post, Jamie Fellrath and I do the podcast for the website – but we’ve never met in person. So we did a Skype video, hoping to play on the fact that Amazing Race is doing a #BlindDate […]

Competition. WHAT was I THINKING?

You know what? I WAS NOT thinking. Our Crossfit box is having a “Throwdown” this weekend. I, being friendly with the coach who is constructing this competition, said “oh, sure” I would do it. My efriend Jennifer recently did an Olympic weightlifting competition, and she also was very inspiring to watch – ESPECIALLY as she […]

View From The Bay Appearance: 6 Tips To Change Your Life And Reduce Stress

For those of you who were not able to see the show yesterday (or the 3 of you who actually were in the studio audience – and accordingly have made it onto my “I Will Rescue You From A Mexican Jail” list!), here is the link to our interview yesterday. PLEASE leave me a comment […]

Episode 19: The Spirit Cape Speaks, a couple of Tune Snippets, and my current favorite quote.

On Saturday, I received the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training Ironteam Spirit Cape, and this podcast details what happened next that day while inspired by the cape.  Happy holidays, and be sure to check out the blog for some photos. As promised, CLICK HERE for the link to my donation page – remember, all Donors […]

How The Economy Affects Your Sex Life: Interview on Your Time With Kim (talk radio)

HEY! Sheila Stewart and I were interviewed on the talk radio show Your Time With Kim on How the Economy Affects Your Sex Life. Sheila and I met a while back when we were each speaking at a gig, and then I interviewed Sheila a few podcasts back. We had so much fun, we put […]

Husbands Hear Weird

Before I signed up for the Louisville Ironman Triathlon in August 2010, I actually called and discussed it with my husband. We were on the phone for quite some time, discussing time commitment, work versus workout, and lots of things like that. I was actually trying to convince him to do it with me – […]

How far IS 140.6 Miles?

The Ironman is: 2.4 miles swimming: That’s like swimming from My House, down River Oaks, down 5th Avenue, all the way to Whole Foods. I guess I get to stop and stretch there. OR (thanks for this one, Maria A!), it’s 154 lengths (77 laps) in an Olympic-sized pool – and as most of us […]

Louisville Ironman Triathlon and other Insanities

Yup – I’ m at it again! So. I’ve been complaining (b*tching and moaning basically) since 2006 about being out of shape – and doing nothing about it. Oh sure, I would rally for a while around swimsuit season (or if $ was on the line . . . we did a “Biggest Loser contest […]

Power-Inject Your Marketing: My Interview on Sheila Stewart DivaToolbox Radio

Hey! I had a couple of interviews last week, and I’m going to give it a go to upload them here! In this interview, Sheila Stewart and I discuss Marketing In The New Economy. Wish you had a large corporate budget for marketing, yet know you are on a shoe-string budget? Know that every dollar […]