My Crossfit Journey: An “Old Lady’s” Guide To Crossfit & 5 Things You’ll Want To Know

I started Crossfit last year, on September 6th. As I type this post, that means I have been doing Crossfit for 9 months. In the year before starting Crossfit, I had done a few marathons and half marathons (5), some open-water swims in the S.F. Bay (brrr!), and a Olympic distance triathlon. The year before […]

How far IS 140.6 Miles?

The Ironman is: 2.4 miles swimming: That’s like swimming from My House, down River Oaks, down 5th Avenue, all the way to Whole Foods. I guess I get to stop and stretch there. OR (thanks for this one, Maria A!), it’s 154 lengths (77 laps) in an Olympic-sized pool – and as most of us […]

I hate being such a slacker…

So, I have had a few “pokes” and emails wondering where I have been! First of all, we just returned from a month in Peru – yes, practicing all those Chapter 1 Bond Girl packing skills! The plan is to post the photos on my facebook page which is – I have sorted them […]

Zen Habits’ Getting in Shape List

Here is a great list from – if you don’t subscribe, I would recommend it.  This link compiles some of the best archived articles from the website on getting in shape. They run from Motivation, to Weight Loss, to How to Start (or how to get BACK on the Exercise “Wagon”), etc. I would […]

Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training – Session Two

This podcast is a recording of the new Thursday Night Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training group’s Second Session. These Grrls have agreed to have their first meetings taped and made public, to instruct those of you who are curious about the process. The second teleconference in each month is not based upon our standard motivational Curriculum. It is based upon […]

Fempowerment Lifestyle Training – Session One

I have received many emails and queries from Bond-Girls-To-Be regarding what fEmpowerment Lifestyle Training “is like.” This podcast is a recording of the first meeting of a new Thursday Night group. These Grrls have agreed to have their first two meetings taped and made public, to instruct those of you who are curious about the process. Each […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Dr. Monte from Fitness Rocks

This Coffee Chat podcast is with Dr. Monte of Fitness Rocks. I like to call Dr. Monte the Dr. Oz of the Internet. He brings medical information and education to lay people like Dr. Mehmet Oz does on Oprah — but in perhaps even a more amazing way… because he’s doing it for free! Dr. […]