BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: Look your Bond Grrl Best with Bianca Stark-Falcone, Certified Image Consultant

Hey! Today, we have a telephone interview with Bianca Stark-Falcone, a certified image consultant from Well Dressed. Bianca and I had a lot of fun, and she explained how you can get to your “core” Bond Grrl best with your own unique Style Recipe! In the podcast, you will hear me mention a non-profit that […]

Life Is For Sharing – Liverpool Station 6 weeks ago (T-Mobile Ad)

You gotta watch this! It will take just under 3 minutes and it will MAKE YOUR DAY. CLICK HERE FOR FEED (I tried to put it in the video box below, but it keeps freezing, so go to the source). Talk about stopping traffic. The spontaneous reaction of the subway customers is great. This commercial […]

Bond Girl Coaching Cards – Set 6

I told you that I was clearing out all the stuff that’s piled up! Here is another new Bond Girl Coaching Cards link. These are free for you to print out (instructions are on the printout).   Click on the link below, to download the cards. Please check the note on Set 6 – my publisher […]

Bond Girl Coaching Cards – Set 5

Hey! I might as well post everything that has been piling up, ready to go! Here is a link to the next set in the Bond Girl Coaching Card series. We plan to ultimately have a boxed set of all the cards for sale. But these are free for you to print out (instructions are […]

Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training – Session Two

This podcast is a recording of the new Thursday Night Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training group’s Second Session. These Grrls have agreed to have their first meetings taped and made public, to instruct those of you who are curious about the process. The second teleconference in each month is not based upon our standard motivational Curriculum. It is based upon […]