Lather, Rinse, Repeat – Double Metric Century Weekend

Saturday H and I got up to Yountville to ride the Tour of Napa Valley route with a good portion of the IronPeeps. I hadn’t seen folks in what seemed like forever! (Pre-Half Iron/Sedona.) That day, there were a handful who went down to Monterey for a ride, another chunk were in the East Bay […] Bike Fit and a few more things from last week

On Tuesday (yes, I am “blogging backwards”), Coach Mike K, Helen, Mentor Margaret, Iron Melissa, Susie, Lessanjen (you know, like ‘Brangelina’ (smile)), Paula and I did our Lactate Threshold test at my house. It was a LOT of fun to have everyone over, especially on the day that H left for Austria. Doing the test […]

Swimming In S.F. Bay, Running the Presidio, Beach Calesthenics, Marin Metric Century

What a weekend. Seriously. We had had guests on Friday for dinner and then a friend spend the night, but I was careful not to even suggest champagne, wine, cocktails, etc. because I knew that this would definitely not help with the long weekend ahead. I got up Saturday and prepared my stuff for the day, […]