TEN pounds of MUSCLE lost…???

Wow, I’m REALLY unhappy as I type this post. I actually don’t know the last time I was so unhappy. Just returned from getting “re-assessed” on my “numbers.” As those of you who read this blog know (all 4 of you LOL), I was told about the middle of last year that I had to […]

crossFIXE Muscle Paste – unicorn horn dust in a jar

I’m not easily impressed. Well, that’s not totally true – I’m super easily impressed by the awesomeness that always surrounds me daily at Crossfit – but when it comes to products . . . I’m not easily impressed. Over “Black Friday/Cyber Monday,” WOD Superstore was having a sale, and so I decided it was high […]

Macros and Zone and…Divots (Oh my!)

Dr. Barry Sears’ The Zone. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past like 20 years, you’ve heard of Dr. Barry Sears’ The Zone eating plan. My husband and I actually quite successfully followed the prescriptions of this eating plan when it first was published, though we fell off the wagon because of the […]

Krissy Mae Cagney Sexy Sculpt: Week One, Check!

Just finished my first week of the Krissy Mae Cagney Sexy Sculpt program, as accented by “Bo-gramming.” You, yes you, are a bad *ss. The program really is pointing up my weaknesses, which I like. It’s also – through feedback from my “Sculpt Buddy” Claire from Girls Gone WOD Podcast – pointing out where I […]

Sexy Sculpt & Flexible Eating (Krissy Mae Cagney)

Well, first of all, if you don’t know who Krissy Mae Cagney is, watch this. (Even if you DO know… watch this ;-) ) I “discovered” Krissy Mae Cagney via her interview on Girls Gone WOD Podcast. Then, Claire of GGW posted that KMC’s books were half off for Black Friday, so I picked up […]

I’m baaa-aaack…and cryin’ at Crossfit again ;-)

Where have I been? Oh boy . . . The super duper short answer is that I had my computer and purse stolen recently, plus my cell phone went haywire, and trying to replace and regroup has taken an inordinate amount of time and energy. I still am not totally over it – still haven’t […]

Awesome Travel Pants for Tall Legs and Crossfit ‘Booty’

As many of you know, the entire first chapter of my first book is dedicated to “clearing out” your life – and being ready for anything. This past Labor Day, for me, was all about attacking the entropy that had overwhelmed parts of my life . . . which means culling through clothing, etc. ruthlessly. […]

My Crossfit Journey: An “Old Lady’s” Guide To Crossfit & 5 Things You’ll Want To Know

I started Crossfit last year, on September 6th. As I type this post, that means I have been doing Crossfit for 9 months. In the year before starting Crossfit, I had done a few marathons and half marathons (5), some open-water swims in the S.F. Bay (brrr!), and a Olympic distance triathlon. The year before […]