Missy’s Country Music Marathon (longer post)

This was Missy’s longer post on the Country Music Marathon that she “completed” (see the writeup for why that comes with “bunny ears”) on Saturday. 22-Mile Marathon or not, she’s a rock star! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yes, it has taken me 48+ hours to send out any news regarding the marathon weekend.  Here it is. First, congratulations […]

S.F. Bay Aquatic Park Swim & Country Music Marathon; Run Marker

So, first, Missy’s update from doing the Country Music Marathon. Missy is my “Tennessee Teammate” – she found me via my blog, and we have been “training together” ever since. The best part was that I asked my IronTeam members to send her good luck emails for her race, and a bunch did. It meant […]