Episode 16: Sex Facts, Tips, and a Game to Play with your James

This episode is “Just the Facts, Ma’am”! In the penultimate (second-to-last) podcast in the “Sex and Sensuality” series, we’ll discuss lubrication, ben wa balls, vibrators (yes, really!), some sex tips for those of you who just don’t think that sex is “that important”…and finally, a game to play to excite both you and your James! […]


OK in skimming the blogs for the Avon/007 perfume, I found two entries I am in love with, from Stylefrizz.com.  Check these out:   Chocolate or Honey-Dipped Sunglasses…   Or, for those of you who are afraid that you could only eat, like, one lens, a chocolate bar with the calories all marked out for […]