Husbands Hear Weird

Before I signed up for the Louisville Ironman Triathlon in August 2010, I actually called and discussed it with my husband. We were on the phone for quite some time, discussing time commitment, work versus workout, and lots of things like that. I was actually trying to convince him to do it with me – […]

Light Your Fire!

I got out and swam today – and the fire is LIT! I haven’t been in a pool, really swimming, for about 3 years. Wow. I forgot how much I like it. OK, so I only did 10 lengths kicking, 16 lengths freestyle (one beat kick), 10 lengths kicking, and then 2 lengths going as […]

How far IS 140.6 Miles?

The Ironman is: 2.4 miles swimming: That’s like swimming from My House, down River Oaks, down 5th Avenue, all the way to Whole Foods. I guess I get to stop and stretch there. OR (thanks for this one, Maria A!), it’s 154 lengths (77 laps) in an Olympic-sized pool – and as most of us […]

Louisville Ironman Triathlon and other Insanities

Yup – I’ m at it again! So. I’ve been complaining (b*tching and moaning basically) since 2006 about being out of shape – and doing nothing about it. Oh sure, I would rally for a while around swimsuit season (or if $ was on the line . . . we did a “Biggest Loser contest […]

Episode 17: Keeping Your Sex Life off Life Support, And What Men REALLY Want

In this, the final episode in my “Sex and Sensuality” series, I discuss sensuality and some of the differences between men and women. I also discuss human sexual response and how you, as a fEmpowered woman, need to get over yourself and get involved in your own sex life. This episode ends with my visit […]

Episode 16: Sex Facts, Tips, and a Game to Play with your James

This episode is “Just the Facts, Ma’am”! In the penultimate (second-to-last) podcast in the “Sex and Sensuality” series, we’ll discuss lubrication, ben wa balls, vibrators (yes, really!), some sex tips for those of you who just don’t think that sex is “that important”…and finally, a game to play to excite both you and your James! […]

BONUS INTERVIEW PODCAST: A Coffee Chat with Balancepreneur Sheila Stewart, Author of Backwards in High Heels

Here she is – Ms. Sheila Stewart! You’ve all heard me talking on a couple of podcasts about our upcoming event in October with in their “What Women Want” Series. Sheila and my working subtitle for our part in the series is, Recession proof your relationship: How the economy is affecting you in the […]

Episode 15: Traits of Sex Goddesses

Yes – it’s ME again! In this episode, we discuss James Bond and marriage for a bit – yes, Bond got married, if you didn’t know that! – and then we move on to reclaiming your sensual spark, and some easy traits that us Mere Mortals could adopt that Sex Goddesses use to rock their […]

Episode 14: Take Charge Of Your Relationship

This episode starts a series about taking charge of your relationship with your James – ending ultimately with a podcast just about S-E-X! But in this one, we talk about taking charge of your relationship, and how taking care of your James can change YOUR life.  If you think that you’re a Bond Grrl but […]