Did someone say “SNACKS”???

First and foremost, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve “been,” my website was taken DOWN by a super virulent virus. THANK YOU THANK YOU to WordPress SOS for fixing it! That’s why you haven’t seen anything in months. They saved it ALL – clearing thousands of pages, all infected, now protected – I can’t say […]

Bond Girl Coaching Cards – Set 6

I told you that I was clearing out all the stuff that’s piled up! Here is another new Bond Girl Coaching Cards link. These are free for you to print out (instructions are on the printout).   Click on the link below, to download the cards. Please check the note on Set 6 – my publisher […]

Bond Girl Coaching Cards – Set 5

Hey! I might as well post everything that has been piling up, ready to go! Here is a link to the next set in the Bond Girl Coaching Card series. We plan to ultimately have a boxed set of all the cards for sale. But these are free for you to print out (instructions are […]