Swim Workout & Playlist; My Favorite Comment from the Weekend

Today was another Swim workout, and I decided to do the “Group 2″ workout to see how it would go. That workout was:

WarmUp    300 EZ
3×50 25 kick on back/25 free    RI 10″
3×50 25 Catch Up (CU)/25 free    RI 10″
3×50 25 scull/25 free RI    10″


25 kick back    RI 10″
25 side kick (SK)    RI 10″
25 3 switches (3SW)    RI 10″
25 Body Balance Roll (BBR)    RI 10”

This was supposed to take an hour – it took 40 minutes. So I threw in a 300 warmdown. Then I was up to 48 minutes. I couldn’t remember what a “scull” was or a “Body Balance Roll,” so for the scull I did sculling with my hands (feet pointed backwards, sculling by pushing my hands by my sides through the water), and for the BBR I just did more of the 3 switches. I have to look them up. The CU drill hurt my left shoulder for some reason.

LOVE my Otterbox…this was my Swim Workout Playlist:

Beautiful Day, U2

Womanizer, Britney Spears

Breakin’ Dishes, Rihanna

Standing There, The Creatures

Untouched, The Veronicas

Little Bitty Pretty One (Live), The Doobie Brothers

When I Grow Up, The Pussycat Dolls

Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu, Johnny Rivers

Reelin’ In The Years, Steely Dan (how appropriate (laugh))

China Grove, The Doobie Brothers

Little Willy, Sweet

Free Ride, Edgar Winter

Sort of eclectic, but it was fun to work out to.

And now, for my favorite comment of the past weekend. I remembered it when I was swimming and thought I should put it down here. During the Run “marker” set, I was still pretty cold, and Coach Simon was out there in shorts, standing around and not moving (and giving us our times). As I was running up to him, I said “Aren’t you cold?” I expected him to say something like, well, “No,” or “I’m okay,” or whatever. Instead he said, in all seriousness, “Oh no, I don’t shave” (motioning to his legs). For some reason, that just cracked me up and kept me going for the next couple of laps around the track, smiling. ONLY an avid marathoner dot dot dot.

Time to make dinner – I was starving after the swim workout and got 1/2 an egg salad sandwich, a 100 cal bag of Kettle Chips (not worth it – taste was bland but they were crunchy!), and a banana and a bottle of water. Gotta plan a little better.