Swim Marker Update – OK I feel better now…

This was the email from Sedonia about the Swim Marker I did yesterday – I feel better now :-) – for some reason I can’t get the “titles” to go on or the columns to space correctly, but so it goes. The columns are: Marker, Distance, Time, Min (not sure what the difference is there), predicted minutes for Ironman, predicted time for Ironman, 100 Distance, and then (last two) the difference in the “split” between the first 1000 and the second:

Hey Rock Star!

Thank you for sending me your results. I added them to your previous ones and listed them below

Marker 1 200 4:16 4.25 90 1:30* 2:08
Marker 2 800 17:56 18.00 95 1:35* 2:14
Marker 3 1000 20:23 20.33 86 1:26* 2:02
Marker 4/LBT 1500 31:01 31 87.30 1:28* 2:04
Marker 5 1000 20:08 20.13 85 1:25* 2:01
Marker 6 2000 43:15 43.25 91 1:31* 2:10 5:28 v 5:17
Marker 7 2000 42:18 42.30 89 1:29* 2:07 21:14 v 21:04
* It is important to note that predicted times based off of pool time are generally faster than actual open water times

These are PERFECT!

First: you negative split which indicates you have a strong understanding of your effort levels-which is key in being a successful Ironman racer

Second: you improved 2 minutes off your previous 2000 yard marker which (in the swimming world) is HUGE…this shows that you are continuing to strengthen your base.

At this point in the season many people hit a plateau in their improvement. Huge strides are made in the beginning, but as the work load continues to increase and fatigue on the body compounds, it is very typical for an athlete to simply maintain, or even get slightly slower. SO…to see improvement, no matter how small, is FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!!

Great work Sandy! I’m so excited to watch you continue to grow and develop your IRON skills!
Congrats on getting this far!

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything that you feel I can do to help you reach your goals!