Susan Bird and

If you have been reading this blog (or listened to my podcasts), you know that I utilize Susan Bird for hypnotherapy/higher potential work. Sue gave a Workshop, in fact, for some of my Ironman compatriots who wanted to work on various things, from still having a fear of open water swimming, to goal manifestation. I thought I would share the Manifestation that she sent to me on the evening before my Ironman. It helped a lot – even with the bashed nose in the swim, the crazy-high heat, and the very long marathon!


You, getting close to the front of the swim line.  You are excited, well rested, ready to go.  You tap into the excitement & positive energy around you.  you feel the love & support and ENERGY from all of your friends & family– and from your team.  The air around you is electric, and this is a fantastic adventure– you are SO happy to be a part of this event.

You are relaxed and confident.  The few days of rest and recuperation are totally working in your favor.  You are ready!!!

The Tri begins… entering the water… it feels SO good.  You allow the water to float you like the sea otter you are, and you begin by stretching your body– shoulders & arm feeling good as you stretch and glide thru the water.  You ease your way into it, finding the perfect pace, steady, rhythmic, and in your zone.  Your breathing is steady, your body rocks naturally from side to side with your arm rhythm.  You are amazed at how great your shoulder & arm feel.  The slow current, the positive, determined energy of the other swimmers… everything flows in your favor.

You become Sea Otter.  Joyful, playful, full of energy & life.  At home in the water.  As you swim, finding your zone, gliding withgraceful power & endurance… you begin to sense the presence of spirit manta… who glides into place just in front of you… huge wings spread wide & coasting thru the water– and you feel pulled along…. relaxed & moving rapidly but without effort in the draft of spirit manta.

You are in the zone.

Before you know it, the swim is completed.  Wow!  That seemed easy!  That went fast!  You came in under your time– and you feel GREAT!

During the transition, you reclaim your human form, and connect with your gorgeous bike.  You take a few deep breaths, proud of yourself for completing the first leg, and allowing the momentum to carry you into the bike ride.

Again… you allow yourself to ease into it… getting the feel of the bike– oh how you’ve missed your long rides!  You find your comfort zone, allowing your excellent form to make the bike ride like the wind.

Your bike rides like a champ– wheels & tires strong, and you are sure & steady at the wheel, confident & in charge. You can see and feel the positive energy around you– in the athletes, among your team-mates, from the spectators– and you feel the support from your friends, guides, and angels.  You ride, ride, ride… taking pit stops as needed, laughing with the people around you… finding your perfect rhythm… finding that energy flows through your body and spirit.

It’s about pace & endurance, and you are ‘there’!  You keep up your steady pace, and put your mind in the perfect ‘place’ to perform at your highest level.  As the miles flow by, you feel closer to your goal– you feel the magnetic pull of the finish line.  You make your marks, and the day unfolds… and you learn about yourself, about your courage and your spirit.  You are awesome!!!!

The bike ride goes unusually fast– time seems to fly, and your endurance grows & glows within you… like the flame of a candle that gets brighter and larger with each passing mile.  That internal fire fuels your body, fortified your mind, and inspires your spirit.

You complete the bike portion, and transition to the run, taking your time to feel your feet under you… to find your perfect pace, and you begin this last leg of the Tri. You are open & receptive to the prayers & positive energies being sent to you by your friends & family.  With each mile you are more open, more receptive… and the energy pours into you… buoying you, carrying you… catching and pulling you like you are in the current of a rapidly flowing river.  the river is carrying you to the finish line.  You feel lighter with each step– you begin to feel the magnetic pull of the finish line… each step carrying you closer and closer.

Your heart is filled with the love & support of your friends and family… and your guides & Angels.  They pave the way… smooth the road, and draw you to the finish.  You run & walk in a steady natural rhythm… smiling, hearing the onlookers cheer for you, support you.  You feel the camaraderie of your fellow athletes, team-mates, mentors.  You are a champion!!!

You look forward to seeing the finish line.  You know you will cherish this moment for the rest of your life… so you savor the experience– allowing yourself to be completely present as you cross the finish line– tired, exhilarated, and on top of the world!!!!

You can do it.  I can see it and feel it!!!!!  Congratulations!