Sue Bird’s Iron Experience

My BFF Sue has allowed me to share her email to me with respect to “helping me” through on the day of the Ironman. I just love this story, don’t want to “lose” it, so thought I’d post it here for you to enjoy, too. Camilla is her roommate (who is a masseuse/reiki healer). Naia is her golden retriever. Sue, as I have previously mentioned, can be found on She and her husband Beto are also two of the top tech divers in the world.

And now, for her email to me:

Hey IronGrrrl!

 Read thru all of your Facebook fan-mail– you are the BEST.  You have so many loving friends & family members in your circle who are over the moon about your success, including (and especially) us.  Hip hip hooray for my Manta-sea otter-IronGrrl.

 Just wanted to share some of the behind the scenes happenings, which you may get a kick out of as you reminisce & recover.

 Here in Seaside, we had been growing more & more excited as the day approached.  We happen to be in a bit of a busy time right now– in the midst teaching & supporting a tech-diving class, but your Iron event was always in our minds & hearts.

 On Saturday, I had an email exchange with a client, with whom I had a phone appointment scheduled for Sunday evening… he was on the calendar for 7pm, and I had to double check to make sure the time change allowed for me to support you during my second shift.  There was a 12 minute overlap, so I arranged for Camilla to take over for me when the client called– so we were all set.

 Saturday evening was a time of envisioning for you, and also time to amp up the power surges (going in your direction).  I wasn’t sure you’d be on internet to receive the vision and manifestation that I typed out and was sending to you, but figured your spirit would hear & feel it, so that was most important.  (I sent Camilla a copy with instructions to hold the vision plus any good thoughts she could conceive for you.)

 I set the alarm for 4:10 a.m. to be ready to send you energy for the swim… was so concerned about waking Beto (who needs sleep during the tech classes) that I spontaneously woke up at 3:30.  Shut off the alarm… re-read the swim/bike/run visualization several times to let it all sink in, and noticed that you’d emailed to say you received it, yay!  Sent you a little text to let you know you were covered for swim segment (and so you’d know I love you!).

 Went down to my office and began to ground & prepare to send energies… and realized that something was missing from the equation.

 So… ran upstairs, found the perfect, pristine candle for Sandy’s Ironman, and brought it down to be ready for the start of the event.  Made you a little sign saying “Go Sandy Go!!!”.  Returned to office, got to work… sent you Power, and Emotional buoyancy, and well just all kinds of angelic & divine support.  Could feel you– a bit anxious/ nervous but focused, determined, and ready.

 At 4:15 a.m. Pacific Time I lit the candle– with the intention of letting it burn for the duration of your Ironman.  I placed it in a strategic location (so as not to burn the house down when I went back to bed)… did some more energy bursts, and eventually went back to bed while staying connected with your spirit & sending you love & encouragement.

 Drifted back to sleep at the end of my shift… to wake up at 7:00 to work on a client write up, then left at 9:30 to go film the tech class.  Candle was burning strong & bright!

 Thought about you all day… while underwater with the class, etc.  We were in the ocean for about 4 hours working with the class, and I had a leak in my dry suit so was a bit of a popsicle. But I figured, If Sandy can complete an IRONMAN… what’s a little cold-water discomfort going to do to this grrrl?!

 Returned home at around 5pm– Camilla had updates on your progress, and by then you were on the run part according to  Candle was still shining bright & strong.

 At the assigned time that we saw that you were starting the run, I started running in the hall & asked Camilla to join.  We ran back & forth, saying,”Go Sandy GO!!!!”, and envisioning you flying like a manta – gliding thru the run.  Envisioned your feet being light, and angels supporting you under each arm as you ran (making the run a little easier).  OK, so I’ll admit I sent you a few “Don’t you DARE give up!” comments… but I know you well enough to know you would never do that… and mostly we whooshed and pushed and ran with you in a Sandy-like rhythm.  Naia helped by chasing us with her sea otter toy in her mouth (no, I’m not kidding).  We played tug a few times while running (me & Naia that is).  We walked a few laps, then ran some more, envisioning flying mantas & angels under your wings.

 By that time I calculated that you were doing roughly 12-13 minute miles, and thought, wow… it’s going to be close, but I think she’s going to be there in time (9pm our time).  Was also thinking wow, it’s incredible… she’s actually picking up her pace at the end.

 Then, it was time for me to send some Power, so I retreated to our bedroom (where 2 more candles were lit), put on my Mexican power necklace, & used 2 wands to transmit energy (heart wand & amatrine wand).  I sent out: power, love, light, emotional support, endurance, determination, and angelic support.  This was super cool — I got all tingly (starting with the back of my head) in a really obvious ‘spirit is at work’ way, during most of this time– for about a half hour.  I could feel a lot of emotion around you… heightened emotion, coming from you, surrounding you– I think your angels, guides, and all of the well-wishes of your support circle were right there with you!!!!!!

 I envisioned the finish-line being magnetic, and sucking you towards it!

 At 7pm Camilla took over, & I worked with my client on the phone for about an hour & a half (went really well– he’s a great guy).  Camilla came in to announce your 20 mile crossing, and you were on track to finish in the nick of time.

 OK… so as soon as I got off the phone — around 8:40pm — I ran down the hall to see if Camilla knew anything– she was concerned because she didn’t see your 25 mile crossing posted.  Yikes!

 We amped up the energy bursts, and Camilla had the finish-line live stream going on her computer, so we were seeing folks run across.  We kept looking for you, cheering you on, waiting and hoping and pulling for you.  At 8:50 p.m., the damn computer lost the stream, and we went crazy trying to get it to reload/reconnect.  I tried unsuccessfully to get my computer to get the stream… and Camilla kept trying.  We had 7 minutes of ‘black-out’, then got the stream back at 8:57.

 We were pulling our hair out… wondering, did she cross?  Did we miss it?  How will we KNOW??!!!!  We kept watching… a few more folks crossed, and the time was ticking away towards the 17 hour mark.

 8:57:30… 8:58:00… etc… WHERE IS SHE???!!!!  COME ON SANDY!!!!

 At 8:58:40-something, we heard the guy announcing your name– Sandy Shepard, San Rafael, California!!!!!!!!!!!  We screamed– there you were!!!!  And you crossed the line right in the nick of time!!!!

 It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

 Am crying again as I write this… it was truly one of the best & happiest moments of my life– we laughed and cried… and jumped up & down, so happy & proud of you!  Naia wagged her tail, jumped around with us, & was very, very pleased with the whole situation!

 You are the most Amazing Manta of ALL TIME!

 I let the candle burn for about another hour (after all, you needed to ‘cool down’), and then blew it out.  I think I will send it to you, as a memento of your success.  Perhaps you can keep it and burn it when you need a burst of inspiration from time to time.

 I love you lots & thought you might enjoy knowing what went on here in Seaside.  Congratulations Iron-Grrl!

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  1. you too can have the angels and iron turtles support you :-) (Have you talked to Sue yet?) xooxxoxoxo

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