Sick Sick Sick

DSCF6217I am SO DONE being sick! H finally convinced me to go to the doctor – I have an appointment at 4:00. The last exercise I did was a couple days ago – I did the bike trainer workout, but I just couldn’t face the pool, and it was kinda downhill from there.

Margaret (my Mentor) is sick too. She said to just get better – not to worry, not to work out. I’m waking up at 3:00 a.m. with a dry cough that won’t quit – sleeping on the couch so to let H get a good night’s sleep. I feel like a total sloth not doing anything, but I gotta “git this sickness gone.”

I’ll be curious what the doctor says today. I don’t know what can be “done” for what basically seems like a cough, but H is afraid it might be walking pneumonia. Ick!

The photo here is of me on the bike trainer – H took them when I was doing the workout on Tuesday. Yes, that’s the garage . . . it’s actually kinda nice, because H is usually working on some project or another down there, so we’re just “together.” He wearing his big headset for the saw noise, me wearing my iPod and pumping away. Jake gets up from his bed every now and again to give me a little calf lick of encouragement.

Gotta get WELL!