Send Out Cards — my latest addiction!

Yeah, so fine. Can you tell that I’m going through my piles (even us fEmpowered grrrls do get piles!) and blogging up a storm based on sticky notes I’m finding?

 I signed up for this a little while ago — and this is THE BEST business tool I’ve used in forever.  It’s called Send Out Cards. Using Send Out Cards, you get a choice of more cards than a Hallmark store, and you can personalize the cards and send them out whenever you want. You can manage campaigns — you can even spend an hour or so and “load up” a bunch of birthday cards, anniversary cards, and the like, and they will be sent out on the date that you desire.

This is the biggest boon for an entrepreneur or sales person, who wants to stay in touch but forgets to “schedule” it.  Send Out Cards even lets you send gifts, personalized with your own touch (the 4 brownies gift is the one that gets me the best “kudos” — but you can even send out books, like Think And Grow Rich, etc.  How great is THAT for me to send to folks that are considering joining my Mastermind programs… send them the Napoleon Hill book that started it all!)

You can also upload photographs (it’s easy), and then include them in a card. My friend who turned me onto this takes photos on her camera when she meets clients, and then immediately downloads that photo, and sends them a card or postcard with that photo on the front.  It even lets you annotate it with little “thought balloons.”

If you join and become an “Executive” Member, you can have them upload your handwriting.  THEN, the cards come out with your actual handwriting and signature on them. You can upload up to 4 signatures — one might be a personal one (for me, just “Sandy”), one might be a “business” one with my full name, number and email under it, and one can even be from you and your family, with all your signatures (as in, for, say, Xmas cards? Set up a “campaign” in October, to go out end of November, and just forget about it?)

The cards are actually stamped, yes, and so this is the sort of thing that clients are likely to open (and friends). I’m absolutely addicted — it’s so easy, and I am finding so many great cards.  Even — sadly, “Sorrow For The Loss Of Your Pet” cards (my assistant just had to put her dog to sleep). There’s just about everything.

 If I’ve done it right, I think you can click here, and check it out. HOWEVER, you will need a User Name and Password to actually send out that free card (because I pay for you to be able to do it) — so please email me at doubleohsandy[at]yahoo[dot]com for one and then you can play!

2 thoughts on “Send Out Cards — my latest addiction!

  1. Sandy,
    Just found you yesterday when I downloaded your interview with Scott Smith( I’m a big fan of his).Decided to check out your site and I’m glad I did.As a bonus, I also got turned on to SendOutCards by you.Thanks

  2. Hi Greg!!!! SO glad to have you here! I love Scott too. Isn’t he a great way to keep you motivated during the day? He was fun to interview, too (though “jumping in” to get a question in was kinda like jumping into a jump-rope session with the 2008 World Champion Rope Turners :-) :-) :-) ) is AWESOME!!! It’s one of the greatest business tools I have honestly ever come across. And there are more cards than a Hallmark store — really GOOD cards, too. (If you’re going to try it out, be sure to check “glossy” finish — it’s free now, used to be an extra $ — because that really makes for a great card.) If you’d like to send a free card, send me an email and I will set you up with an account “on me.”

    SO GLAD to have you!!!!

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