Send Out Cards — additional information

Hey Ya’ll:

I am having more and more fun with Send Out Cards. This is the best business builder I think I have ever had.

I have set it up so that you can have a free gift account if you sign into:

When you click through on the banner, you need to put in a User Name and a Password. I will give it to you if you write to me at DoubleOhSandy[at]yahoo[dot]com. Yes, what this means is that I am going to pay for you to send out a few cards, to see how it works.

I can also walk you through the templates, so you understand how it works. Wow, I’m finding something new every day!

More in a bit — I’m uploading photos that I took during the View From The Bay shoot, and sending them with little funny “taglines” to the camera man, Lisa Quinn, and the like. Did I say I was having fun???

xxoxoxox Solitaire