Saturday I tentatively tried training again. Shoulder and side are seriously sore still – but I thought I’d better give it a go. Serious props to Traumeel though! Traumeel is a homeopathic remedy with arnica and other assorted herbs and things in it. There are drops, and a cream. I applied the cream on the really nasty bruises on my hip/shoulder/back – and they were GONE by Saturday. They still ache, but the bruises are nowhere to be found. Interestingly, I didn’t “realize” I had bruises also on my calves, one up on the back of my thigh – and THOSE spots (where I did not apply the cream) still have bruises on them!

So, Saturday we were to do an 8 mile run at our Tempo pace. I figured I would run to the JCC and back, which gave me a place to refill my water bottle. By about mile 5-6 my shoulder ACHED. I practiced changing my hand position, arm “angle,” etc. – and it would relieve it a bit, but not by much. My doctor cautioned me yesterday (Monday) that I might want to just not train AT ALL until the race – because if things hurt, it might affect me mentally more than anything else. If it hurts on the race, I gut it out. If it hurts before, it might make me afraid of it hurting. I think there’s something to that – but think I’m going to do the swim anyway today.

Sunday was our last Team Meeting and a swim in Del Valle lake. We were to go out for 1/2 hour and then back. I actually made it out a mile before it was time to turn around. As I was getting back to the dock, I realized I was the last swimmer. This sort of bummed me out, until Teammate Patricia told me that no one had done the full hour but me! Oh – okay…

Maria and me from IM-L plus IM-C folks and our Team supports from Vineman!

We had our briefing meeting with Coach Simon and LLS Merla – only Maria and I were there from Team Louisville. It’s so odd that we are only like 6 people versus the whole big Vineman “crew.” It was so wonderful to see how many people came all the way out to Del Valle to support us! I was also supremely grateful for Patricia, who drove. After the swim, I was stiffening up pretty good and was glad I could just rest.

I discovered on the swim (which I did “commando” a/k/a no wetsuit) that though Jane and I did a practice in Aquatic Park, the wetsuit makes a BIG DIFFERENCE. Now, no, you don’t know why, so stop nodding your head (smile). I obviously know the wetsuit adds flotation and all that jazz (duh). The thing is, that in a wetsuit, you are swimming like a gigantic sausage. When you turn your hips, it rotates your whole body. And, yes, I also know that’s how it’s “supposed to be.” HOWEVER, what I found out in the Lake is that I have been “lazing out” when swimming without the wetsuit. I seem to only turn my upper torso, not so much my legs. How do I know this? Because a few 100 yards into the swim, my side started to ACHE. Bad. As in “where is the kayak” bad. Since there was no kayak around me, I just started swimming slower, and practicing turning my WHOLE body. It took some doing. I also had to kick a bit more than I’m used to. But I finally got the hang of it – and the ache calmed down. Glad that I figured this out before getting

in the lake, after jumping in off the dock

to Louisville!

Monday was an “off” day – today I’m off to BNI to substitute, then I’m going to go swim. I think it’s like a 1500 or something on the calendar. I’m just going to go slow. More biofeedback with the wonderful April Blake this afternoon, then PACKING! (Oh joy! Oh ecstacy!)

The most exciting thing that has happened in FOREVER is that Jodi purchased the last of my “sponsored miles” this morning! I am so blessed. I had sent out a SendOutCards tri-fold with all my donors, and the miles that they sponsored. Unfortunately, I had an hour or so at the very end of the run (not the final 2 miles – those were sponsored – but about 5-6 miles before the “bitter” end) that were not sponsored. I made up a list of “when” I should be at each mile, so that my donors could send me good Magic at that time, and perhaps check on (number 730!) to see how I am doing. Now, I’m not “out on my own” in the dark at the end of the race. THANK YOU JODI! You are the best!

And finally, a few “You Know You’re Iron When”‘s…

M-dot rice krispie treats!

You know you’re iron when you are seriously distressed that your pee is yellow. (ok, graphic, but if you’re laughing & nodding…you’re WELL on your way to being Iron!) also…

You know you’re iron when you pass a “man down” capsule on the road and from 10 paces can tell whether it’s an Endurolyte or a Thermalyte.