Recommitment A.G.A.I.N. …

Attractive Frustrated Hispanic Woman Tied Up With Tape Measure Against a White Background.Yup, recommitment. Again.

My Amazing Race partner and I haven’t heard anything, and the CBS rep had said that we’d hear “Monday or Tuesday” if we were chosen to go on to the next step in L.A. So, unlikely.

Both of us were distressed at “where we are,” body-wise, compared to where we’ve “been.” We talked a lot about this when sitting on line (I mean, if you get there at 4 a.m., you have 5 hours ’til the doors open, and not all of it can be spent practicing your “schpiel”!)

I was told by my doctor that doing the Lavaman triathlon then 5 marathons in a row in a year (it was an accident . . . ), I screwed up my hormones. My TAR partner believes that doing the Ironman screwed up hers. She has done Lavaman (with me) and a few “fun runs” and the back half of the Nike Women’s Marathon with me since, but she feels that, post-Ironman, it’s been a lot harder for her to lose weight, etc.

us at Lavaman in 2012
us at Lavaman in 2012

And – let’s get it straight here – that was all now a couple years ago.

I am also battling a hip/back thing that’s been going on for like 5-6 weeks now. I’ve seen my fascia guy, my chiropractor, and yesterday I saw my doctor. He put me on a drug for sciatica, but I am pretty sure that’s not the issue. It’s frustrating and so I haven’t really done Crossfit or much of anything for that time, since every time I do, it aggravates the issue.

Back to weight. I’m precisely 30 pounds overweight now, and can’t address it at all. My body fat percentage is over 30%, and my “waist to hip” ratio is 84, so very fast approaching “apple” … already “graduated” from “pear” to “avocado” and of course, the rounder you are (the higher your “waist to hip ratio”) the more toxic fat you’re carrying. My waist to height is 46.4, up 1.4 inches since I started the Dr. Sara Gottfried Hormone Reset Diet now 21 days ago.

Yup, another “eating plan” a/k/a diet. These aren’t “cabbage soup” diets, these eating plans/diets make sense to me. This one goes for 21 days – every 3 days, you cut another “thing” out of your diet. It’s based on how long it takes to reset the hormone that you’re addressing. So, at the beginning, you quit alcohol and eating “four footed animals.” This addresses estrogen. Then 3 days later you quit eating sugar/sugar substitutes (except stevia) – and stay with the no alcohol/meat. It goes through subtracting fruit (including nightshades), then caffeine, then grains, then dairy, then “toxins” (shampoo, makeup, etc.)

bulletproof-butter-coffeeI wasn’t drinking that much alcohol anyway – some champagne on Friday nights with my husband. The “four footed animals” was a little difficult because we eat a lot of beef and pork, though I diligently swapped out my recipes for turkey, chicken, and shellfish (I am allergic to fish-fish). Sugar/sugar substitutes was no big deal because I don’t eat any. Same with fruit. These are remainders from doing the “Bulletproof” Diet earlier this year, again, trying to address my burgeoning tummy. Caffeine wasn’t that big of a deal to give up. Though as we have Bulletproof coffee in the morning, I swapped to decaf (it’s only 2 cups a day), then used ghee instead of butter. I don’t eat grains. I don’t use toxins.

qqueModdie and I did measurements yesterday, and my waist at 1″ below my belly button, as well as at my belly button, is up an inch after the 21 Day thing.

I stopped doing “metcons” at Crossfit months and months ago, when it was recommended that they were potentially affecting my hormones. I’m not sure what to do from here. The only thing I know how to do is eat immensely clean, and work out. And sleep. (I sleep like the dead.) The thing is, the working out I know how to do to address weight is running, or potentially cycling or swimming. Because of the hip/back issue, I haven’t really been doing Crossfit for the last while, as I said – and I know I need to get recommitted to that. But running hurts my back.

Moddie and I are going to check out Pelo – a new spin class that’s scientifically based on perceived exertion that is actually quantified via bikes on the computers. As if I can afford this, when I’m paying close to $400 for Crossfit, but I just don’t know what to do.

stomach actually looks smaller here because my hands are over my head. but it's depressing enough.
stomach actually looks smaller here because my hands are over my head. but it’s depressing enough.

We’re going to Hawaii in a few weeks, because my husband needs a break. I put on a bathing suit yesterday and just cried. Why is this happening to me?!?! I work so, so hard. I eat completely clean, and my calorie intake is around 1600/day. I sleep well. When I tell folks about the inability to lose weight, they say that it “must” be “muscle gain.” Nope – my fat percentage isn’t budging from 30%.

I feel like this is penance for having been so “easily slim” through my 30s. My legs are so fat that the only place they don’t touch is a tiny window between my ankle bones and mid-shin.

Of course the “evil twin” in me wants to just give up. Have a donut. Have a glass of wine. I feel completely deprived – tell myself that if I can lose one percentage of body fat or even (though of course scales aren’t reliable), 5 pounds, I can have, like, an orange. But no. So the regime continues, lemon/turmeric/ginger hot water in the morning, Bulletproof coffee, “snack” of 1 cup of chia seeds soaked in almond milk and coconut milk (‘pudding’), lunch of the previous day’s dinner, dinner of about a pound of vegetables (yes, really) – plus chicken, turkey, or shellfish – all eaten within about a 6 hour period. No starchy vegetables – standards are zucchini, brussels sprouts, kale, chard, Southern greens, squash (various kinds), salad greens (no tomatoes/bell peppers because of the nightshade issue), onions. Yup, pretty boring. Logging everything (again) in MyFitnessPal.

So, that’s my pity blog post for the day.

And…sigh…we took photos yesterday. So, here they are. Sure, we’re not Biggest Loser material, but this is not healthy….In fact, since my hands are on my head, my belly looks better than it usually does (it’s “pulled up” by my hands being on my head – it usually sags down over my beltline).

I really don’t know what else to do.

20150420_154124[1] 20150420_153716[1] 20150420_153706[1]


6 thoughts on “Recommitment A.G.A.I.N. …

  1. I hope you find the right plan that helps address what is going on! That has to be super frustrating. I wish I had some constructive advice to give you; but surely you will figure it out!!

  2. Hi Sandy! Good luck on your recommitment. Your blog resonates with me as I am in this same space right now in that I have recommitted to losing weight about ten days ago.

    I had a chance to listen to Dave Asprey’s webcast on Monday night and he had something interesting to say for women over 40. He said we should not be doing IF as we need protein right away in the morning. I had read that in his book and always added a tablespoon of collagen protein but on the webcast he said we actually need 30-40 g of protein within 30-60 minutes of waking up. So that is at least four tablespoons or more and definitely breaks the fast. I also read that for our hormones we shouldn’t work out right away in the morning. I don’t know who has time to work out in the middle of the day but that is the way of Bulletproof.

    I am ten days into doing the RFLP and am trying to decide if this is good for me or not. I am going to give it until Saturday at least and would like to do one more week and then go do the Bulletproof diet and do IF every other day.

  3. @michelle ok now that’s interesting. Because in his book (as you said) he says we need “protein” on waking up (so I add 2 pasteured egg whites to my BP coffee – makes it taste like hot ice cream LOL). 30-40g is a LOT more though. I’m going to give that try – just (as you said) enhance it with the Collagen protein which I do have. I’ve been getting up and, on the advice of my fascia guy started doing lemon (whole lemon), turmeric and ginger and hot water (thank you, Nutribullet LOL) immediately on waking. One thing he said was that your liver is detoxing you all night, so getting up and having coffee – even BP coffee – is too much of a shock. So now I’m doing the hot lemon water (and quite like it actually), then after that, doing the BP coffee. I’m going to add the protein and see what happens. I’ve been logging in MyFitnessPal, and with the BP coffee my “percentages” are very fat heavy, tho he, Robb Wolfe, Abel James, etc. all say 60% should be “the norm” – but I do wonder whether my protein is somewhat light. I give up though – I know RFLP as a way to analyze DNA – you can’t mean that, right? ;-)

  4. I actually meant RFLP as Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. Sorry, I should have listed it out. I do have 1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt in water first thing in the morning. Dave suggests this and I have heard that suggestion other places too. He did bring up having eggs in your coffee and blending. He called it “primal egg coffee” and said it makes your coffee very foamy. I don’t know if I can stomach that or not.

    I just then question the whole point of Bulletproof coffee then as it is meant to tide you over as breakfast until 1 pm. Why not just eat real foods then instead.of having coffee if you have to eat so much protein in the morning?

  5. OH re RFLP (lol). I did that as well for a week. I’ve also heard that re the salt (and it’s in the Rapid Protocol too). The lemon/ginger/turmeric though actually “sounded” like a very good idea – especially as your body has been cleaning itself out all night and it then sets your pH. I remember years and years ago I used to do the lemon/cayenne/maple syrup thing in the morning – this is actually even more comforting to me as a “hot drink” and I can understand the basis for it (ha, ha, basis…setting your pH….oops, stop hitting me ;-) ) Interesting re the “primal egg coffee” – I have to tell you, it’s GREAT. It’s “foamy” but think of it almost like a cappuccino. You don’t taste the egg. But you’re totally right re the BP coffee/tide you over/etc. I thought the same. For me, the good thing is that it’s fast, I like it, and I only really drink one cup of coffee because it’s satisfying. It’s certainly faster and more “whole food” than either making eggs and such in the morning, or doing a “protein shake.” But I’m really with you on this one – I keep thinking that it SUCKS to be older, but then on the other hand, it’s better than “the alternative”!!!! #TheBulletproofCoffeeCupIsHalfFull ;-)

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