Quick Update – China Camp bike with H, training.

After the Saturday swim with the Team, Sunday was a “honey do” day. H also wanted to get out and do a ride – since we have the 100 mile ride coming up on this Saturday. Thank goodness that we decided to go out and ride at 5:00 p.m. – because unbeknownst to us, the Marin Marathon was running where we had decided to bike!

We did an hour and a half bike – from home, around China Camp (that’s where the Marin Marathon was), down past the Civic Center, and back. H got out WAY in front of me when we did the first half of the ride – it was a little windy, but more, I am discovering that it just takes me a while to get “in the groove.” He can get on the bike and get going and really pump it out right away – I take like an hour to get going! This happens to us a lot actually – sometimes we walk out the back of our property and over the hill to Peet’s in San Anselmo for coffee – he can climb the darned hill and be waiting at the top for me without breathing hard, and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack after 10 steps. But I outlast him!

On the way back on the China Camp “loop” I was ready to pump it, and so I kept right on his tail. It was windy, so he was kind enough to ride in front. When we finished, he was really tired – and in fact, after we had dinner, he looked at me a little grumpily (is that a word?) and said “I bet you’re not even SORE, are you?” It hadn’t even occurred to me that I COULD be sore! So yeah, okay, that made me feel a little better about my pacing.

Monday was an Off day, Tuesday was Swim and Spin (which I always do back to back as a “brick” at the gym), and today (Wednesday) was an hour Run. I texted my neighbor Alex – I love her to death but we never get to see one another – and caught her just at the right time. So she came out running with me. I definitely run slower that she does, but she was willing to run at my pace (we brought her dog, Bailey, too, so he could get some exercise). It was good because we caught up and chatted as we ran down from our houses to the Dominican area and back. 4.75 miles – we actually went just under an hour.

So that’s the quick update! It’s been raining again – in fact, Alex and I got caught in a definite downpour near the beginning of our run – crazy weather!