quick post for 2/5 – “Death At 50”

Crossfit workout today was “Death @ 50.”

50 each of: Ring Row, Box Jump, Toes-To-Bar, kettle bell swing (I did yellow), Lunge Step, Dumbbell Push Press (I did the swirly bar), Deadlift (I did 20k – I was going to do 30k but with this my 3rd day in a row at Crossfit, it was too heavy for 50). OH and THEN… to finish it off . . . Burpees!

I do my box jumps on 2 25k plates…I had to ROLL them across the floor to stack them back up at the end, I couldn’t lift them.

Also couldn’t lift my arms to drink water. Even tried to balance my water bottle on the key shelf and “tip” it into my mouth.


Mind you, AFTER I’d finished I thought to tell the coach that any of us OVER 50 should be allowed to SUBTRACT that “how many years we are over 50” from the set . . . (yes, that would be ME, the only one in the box to benefit from that LOL) It came to me when the guy who does the workout after us (I don’t know his name, but he’s also after 50) was warming up – and I told HIM he should have Anthony allow that ;-)

Enough of that – have work piling up, and not getting things done like I should. Crossfit is great, but getting there and coming home takes a HUGE chunk out of the day.

Also need to do my “GiveIt100” DUs and rope climb today – plus, I think I might want to add another one for the Nutrition Certification. We’ve stalled and I REALLY want to get that under my belt.

As you likely imagined – no word from TAR. YET! Turns out (!!) that the niece of one of the gals in my book club is a PRODUCER for TAR. She has told my book club gal that she should apply – but of course, she can NOT TELL her if she DOES apply! (Funny.) She’d likely be great – not sure who her partner would be though! She’s the one who is fairly close to 60 now, but just did the Hawaii Ironman – she got there on points, NOT by lottery! :-)