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Some Appearances

Increase Your Wellbeing In A Down Economy: A No-Nonsense Approach To Relationship & Health Issues That Won’t Cost You Money AND Can Help You Lose Weight, View From The Bay (ABC-TV)

A Sensual Workout From Head to Heels (San Francisco Chronicle, Healthy Obsessions Column)

Household Chores Made Easy, HOME with Lisa Quinn (ABC-HD, LIVE WELL network)

Erotic Integrity, Interview with Dr. Claudia Six, Six on Sex (KUSF, 90.3 FM)

How To Hold An “I Refuse To Participate In The Recession” Party,View From The Bay (ABC-TV)

 Declutter & Declare Your Life an EnvironMENTALLY Friendly Zone!, View From The Bay (ABC-TV)

Get Your Life In Order Today Using Feng Shui Techniques, View From The Bay (ABC-TV)

Integrate Sensual Movement Into Your Workout: Pole Dancing/Sheila Kelley’s S FactorView From The Bay (ABC-TV)

“Flex Your Femininity,” an interview on K-CBS (radio)

Interview with Echo Magazine (pdf)

Ardent Spirits e-Letter

Time to Get Your Bond Girl Handbook (article on

For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report #292 (podcast)

Being James Bond: Interview with Sandy Shepard (podcast: interview at 18:30)

Audio Pod Artist Show: Women Podcasters (podcast, featuring Sandy’s podcast)

For more information and to book Sandy, contact her at:

sandy [at] beabondgirl [dot] com.

To view Sandy’s Video Podcasts, click here (topics include Cocktails, Etiquette, Horse Race Wagering, Quick Travel Tips)

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Bond Girl with Gun