Pomroy Redux Day 2 – I forgot!


Look at that – I’m yelling at you already. ;-)

Hey – I’m as OCD/Virgo/lawyeresque as they get. But one thing about Pomroy is that you really don’t want to log anything. I think this is important. Let me explain.

You’re going to be eating what you’re supposed to for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. You’re going to be weighing and measuring out what you’re supposed to eat. So there is no reason for you to log anything.

I know, you say, but you LIKE to log things. Nonsense. It takes up at least an hour of your day to log everything, and it just makes you upset (speaking from experience). And here’s the thing – the other eating plans (be they Zone, Krissy Mae Cagney, Macro Diet, etc.) require you to log. So you do, then you constantly “obsess” about whether you’re the exact percentage, or macro, or “block” that you should be. Am I right?

Not this time, sistah.

I want you to take a deep breath, cross your heart, hold up your palm and repeat after me…

(come on, CROSS YOUR HEART….atta grrl….)

“I will not log anything for the next 4 weeks.”

(I’m waiiiiting….say it out loud….)

I know it’s hard. I know it. But part of the deal here is that you need to do what the program says, and as you are going to do what the program says, no deviations, period, there is no need to log.

Let me tell you what’s going to happen if you start logging. You’re going to have all the other eating plans you’ve been on – Weight Watchers, Atkins, Zone, etc. – creep into your head. You’re going to say “HOW can this POSSIBLY work, when my Blocks aren’t stacked up in order? This will fail!” (Did I mention “speaking from experience” before?) You’ll bring in something you did on a previous eating plan, and apply it here. You’ll tell yourself you’re “not getting enough” fat blocks, or protein blocks, or whatever – and you’ll either sneak them in, or just obsess that it can’t “possibly” work. Which is stress. Which, as it’s not adrenaline/tiger stress, your body will perceive as…remember the last blog post?…FAMINE. And HOLD ONTO YOUR FAT.

You see, the way that things are ordered in this eating plan is that they balance out over the entire week. So logging is counterproductive, because it will make you that much more obsessive, and you’ll bring all the other eating plans that you’ve ever been on into the equation, and you’ll stress out.

Now, if you want to weigh yourself and get your body fat percentage – go ahead. But try not to do it more than once a week. Because we all know that just makes us feel bad. I have a fancy scale that does all of this – and my starting weight/body fat is above. In case you were curious. Accountability.

I’ll post another one every Monday.

But the real deal here isn’t your weight on a scale. It’s the inches and also those “jeans you want to get into.” Weight on a scale per se doesn’t really matter. Body fat certainly does, but unless you have a killer body fat percentage scale, often the numbers you get outside of a dunk tank are just wrong. But inches and “getting closer to getting into those jeans” is Truth.

Today is cardio again (as it’s Tuesday/Phase 1). I went to Crossfit and talked to the coach about what I could do that would be cardio, but not involve rowing (since I did that yesterday), or rope skipping/running/biking/etc. (because of my dang hip. Doctor’s appointment in an hour today.) So we came up with a body weight workout that I was to do as fast as I could. I did:

gay pride pull up pile10 rounds of:
2 pullups (green band, so I think that’s 20? 30? lb. assist)
2 each leg reverse lunge (can’t do front – hurts my hip)
5 ab mat situps (soles touching)
5 pushups (green band assist)

I did get my heart rate up, so that’s great. Tomorrow and Thursday are weights – not sure what I will be doing, but the coach that I deal with knows that the next 2 days are weights but NO cardio, so he’ll set me up.

I also joined a swim “club” at the Best Western hotel that’s across from my Crossfit box. It was not inexpensive, as it’s the summer – works out to about $100/month. But it’s a beautiful pool, saline “filtered” (no chlorine), and as I said, nearly across the street from Crossfit. I know of other pools that are less expensive, but either they have a smaller window of time when you can use them (e.g., the high school pools), or they are farther away. This one is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and like I said, right across the road from Crossfit. I LIKE swimming, and hardly anyone uses the pool – it’s quite a secret. (A friend clued me into it, because her boyfriend belongs.) There’s also a hot tub and a wee gym, plus a place to shower and change. So I figure I can swim either during my Fri/Sat/Sun “chill out” days, or swim faster during the cardio days. I’m happy to have a non-chlorinated pool at my disposal again, and getting my “wind” back in swimming will make me more likely to get back to swimming in the Bay again, which I really like.

wecanIf you’re with me – how’s it going? By the way, we have a few of you starting NEXT Monday, so if you’re still on the fence, you can start then if you like ;-) The more the merrier. We can do it!