I wonder if this is going to work.

Starting back in like . . . OMG 2008 . . . I had a number of podcasts related to my book – then podcasting fell to the wayside for a while. I think my last podcast was in around 2010.

I’d like to get them back into iTunes, because (IMHO) they’re great.

I paid a guy and I think they are now back in iTunes. At least – ~I~ see them. Do you?

Go to iTunes, put in “Bond Girl” or “Fempowerment” (I think either of those work) and see if you see them?

The problem is that a few of them dealt with sex, and so ALL of them got marked “explicit.” I think that’s funny when they deal with closet reorganization (no, I don’t mean coming OUT of the closet, I mean CLOTHES in the closet….LOL) – but so it goes. Apparently the one thing that wouldn’t “regenerate” was how long each one was. But at least it seems like they’re “there.” But I’m curious if you see them?