Podcast Episode 1: References

SOME day, these podcasts are going to load into iTunes! I’m not sure what’s going wrong — frustrating!
That said, I’m going to list the references that go along with the episodes here… so that once they are working, this will be done :-)

Obviously, the number one reference in the podcast is my book, fEmpowerment: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl. The link to purchase the book in a manner that gets me the “most dough” is through the homepage on BeABondGirl.com — hey, I’m a shameless capitalist :-) This link goes directly to the on-demand publishing house that my publisher used, so there is none of the “50% discounting” that goes on when you sell a book through a bookstore (online or regular retail).

If you have Amazon.com credits, of course, be my guest and get it on Amazon :-) I only get 23 cents this way as the author — but I’d rather you have the book and if Amazon is the way — it’s the way!

If you go to the Resources for the book on the Home page of BeABondGirl.com and click through on any of the books, you will be through a “portal” where you can then search for the book… and I get another 2 cents since I’m an “Amazon Associate.” Yeah Yeah — Shameless, Shameless, Shameless!!!!!

The links to the other websites that I reference in Episode One are listed under Resources on the main BeABondGirl.com website, but I will also note them here:

[my heroes!]

Thanks for reading!