Podcast Alley… Here We Come

So, today I am sitting in very un-Bond-Girl-ish fashion with Stuff covering the dining room table. Wow! It’s Stuff I want to podcast about, Stuff I need to read for my law practice, Stuff that I have just been making little piles of around the house. (My poor James.)

One of the thangs I had to do was registered my podcast on Podcast Alley. Now, I have to remember to go have folks vote on it. (I’m lucky I remember to put in my email address and Listener Call-in Line… let’s see how THIS goes!) The only issue I have is that there really isn’t a great Heading for my podcast. I stuck it under Health, but that’s not really right. Society? Naw… Kids and Family? Um, no… Well, if you have any ideas and are a Podcast Alley person, Comment and let me know!

So, the instructions say “Post this code on your blog, and presto chango all magic will happen.” Well, maybe not in those exact words. But the following is the code they gave me to paste here, so here we go:

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-fc383477edaec478c87fac3145b563b3}

Was it good for you?

(Not sure what all the letters are after the link above, but I posted EXACTLY what they gave me — so let’s see if Magic Happens now)