PLEASE do this if you see it TODAY (1/31/2014)

Hey ya’ll: I SO SELDOM ask for anything…PLEASE do this???

My father-in-law is turning NINETY next week. His WONDERFUL wife died a while back, and he’s alone in an apartment in Vienna, Austria (he is Austrian). He is a lovely, lovely man. I would post a photo – but I don’t have one – all our photos are on my husband’s computer and he’s at work!!

Now, mind you, he doesn’t speak ANY English (a few words here and there).

I would LOVE to flood him with birthday cards, but you’d have to do them pretty much today or tomorrow because his birthday is 2/6. If you were to send a beautiful card, and just put inside “glücklich 90. Geburtstag, Herr Wolfram!” (Happy 90th birthday, Mr Wolfram) that would rock – 90. btw is how they do 90th.


You can use Google Translate to say more – it’s fairly good.

Pretty please????

If you are not a SendOutCards user & don’t have a birthday card and a stamp in a drawer somewhere, you can go to– scroll to the bottom, click “SEND A CARD” then click on “YES” to Automatic Walkthrough and I’ve already paid for you to send a card to him (yes, with international postage) – NO obligation. I’m trying to make this easy-peasy.

The last time we saw him (last year) he was getting a little grey and looked old – we were with him for a few weeks and at the end he was hale and hearty. I think he’s just “tired” and not sure folks are out there that “care” about him. It’s hard for me because I’d call him every day to check in, but my German is AWFUL. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you would take ONE minute to just send him that card.

Herr Karl Wolfram
Blumauergasse 5/19
Vienna (if you’re using SendOutCards, put that in City, then put “Wien” in State/Province)
Austria 1020

PS: Not “funny” cards. He’s not a “funny” guy. He loves beauty though, and travel. If you’re using SendOutCards you can search for a card from your state for example, he’d love that. You probably should sign it as a friend of mine – otherwise he will be VERY confused  (In a good way!)