Okay, so I haven’t QUITE started an Amazing Race-related board yet (I am not sure I want to “come out of the closet” there yet), but I HAVE started pinning a few things on my Pinterest board that I like, including some hats I just found at an amazing website, Outdoor Research.

My Pinterest site is here:

Right now the hats are on my “things I don’t want to lose” board – which is where all my boards “start” – and ultimately at like day 100 or so (doesn’t that sound good? TRIPLE DIGITS!) I’ll start a “TAR” board and start stuffing things there. That will also likely mean going back through this blog, especially to the one post where I put the pinsites of various people suggesting various things – once I start a TAR Pinterest board, I can pin the things there so we don’t forget anything.

Like, scorpion-pinching ballet slippers and such. ;-)