Photo Shoot for the San Francisco Chronicle

Now, about a week ago, when I was in New Orleans (N’Yaw’lins), I went by a tealeaf reading shop called The Bottom of the Cup. I would put links in here, but I’m too lazy tonight. Anywho – I have called a guy there now and again over the years – name of Otis – and wanted to meet him in person. He was great! Looked NOTHING like I thought he would, which was fun, too.

While there, I saw some voodoo dolls. They were “good” voodoo dolls – to be used to help remake your life. One that jumped out at me was “Flambeau” – a gentleman in a top hat with a wily smile – and his “missin” was to “Fire You Up.” I thought – I could use that! His tag was even “singed” around the edges.

NOW, since Flambeau has come into my life – as mentioned below – I have been called out of the blue by ABC-TV to be part of their new show HOME, launching nationwide on their new HD channel some time end of this month. That was Monday – taped it, had a blast. Yesterday, I got a call from the San Francisco Chronicle. They want to do a sidebar on me for their “crazy things folks do for exercise” column – someone turned me in, no doubt! – and so I met them today at the S Factor and we did a photo shoot of me pole dancing.

Mind you, I think once they tell me when it’s going to run, I’m going to have to have everyone I know go out and raid all the newspaper boxes – because they made we wear THE TINIEST little frilly shorty short shorts known to man, and of course my 6″ heels! Yeah yeah, and I’m currently about 25 pounds overweight. Serves me right not to lose it all…but I guess Flambeau couldn’t wait on that!

So that’s what’s been up with me – pretty wild, huh?