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I have just returned from New Orleans and a cruise to Cozumel, that I received from my MLM business, SendOutCards. I am going to be doing my next podcasts on finances – since it’s on everyone’s mind now. I will start with what I wrote about in fEmpowerment…then move on to what I learned at the lectures on the cruise.

I have to tell you – NOW is the time to get that part time/full time money through a business that is YOURS. One of the hallmarks (usually) of a Bond Girl is that she is her own boss. Hey – James Bond “works for the man” – he’s a government employee. Bond Girls usually have their own businesses!

A lot of folks have questions about network marketing…which is what I am using to currently supplement (and soon replace) the income from my law firm. I will never replace my coaching and speaking income…because I love doing it! But networking marketing is sure a wonderful way to come home to an unexpected check! My check this month is 5x the one from last month. I’ve been doing my MLM for a year, not even full time. But it’s just starting to pick up. I’m getting excited!

Anyway – CLICK HERE to take a look at this – it answers a couple of the questions I am asked a lot about multilevel marketing. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I saw your note To Jaelline Jaffe on facebook and have been perusing your blog which I enjoy. Since you are interested in MLM You might be aware that Donald Trump has entered the MLM world and if that intrigues you as it has many people check out Let me know if you have any questions

  2. Hi Harriet: Yes, I do know all about Donald Trump’s MLM – it’s not my cup of tea, but glad you like it!

  3. I lost so much money and more importantly time! Trying my hardest to follow my sponsor’s advice, I am hopeless at traditional MLM and I have tried everything. My sponsor is successful, but I could not do as he has done, thank heavens for online MLM and the ability to generate leads online. What is your best lead generation strategy, if you do not mind me asking. Thanks.

  4. actually – my best “lead generation strategy” is to use the system. SendOutCards is a system where you send REAL greetings cards (from your computer, for less than it costs to get one at the store), gifts, etc. – and you show gratitude doing it. The cards are in your own handwriting, with your own signature (or you can of course use one of their fonts). When people get the cards, they are so curious, they ask how they can do it – and you set them up with a gift account and walk them thru the system. It’s so effective in terms of time and $, that they usually sign up to use it. Any MLM that relies on “the ability to generate leads online” that is not based on actual people that you know or have contacted is just spam, in my opinion. I love the system of SendOutCards, and I love being able to have an MLM – finally – that does NOT require bags of leads of people you don’t know, and won’t cause your friends and family to join the Witness Protection Program! My two cents.

  5. your absolutely right about creating systems for yourself to leverage your business building efforts. I heard about send out cards and i think ann sieg is apart of this business as well. I would love more info how i can implement this with my current business too. cool post

  6. hey Patrick! If you’re curious about how SendOutCards works, you can actually go to, and click on “send a few cards on me” (I think that’s what the button says) and the president of the company will walk you through it. It’s pretty cool – the site also shows the business opportunity and the like. If you check it out, let me know, and we can talk about it if you like.

  7. I’ve got only word to describe MLM; exciting!

    This field has given me opportunities as well as resources and I’m trying to make the most of it.

    Keep up the effort or change your method; it can work!

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