My Heart Skips a Beat . . . My First Donation!


I’m so excited. I can’t even believe it. I received my first donation towards the IRONMAN.

One of my teammates, Maria Afan, is an “old hand” at doing Team In Training. She has done two marathons through them – one in Rome (GO GRRL!) and one recently in San Francisco. Maria is actually a “real” acquaintance – her mom and I worked together at Robert Half International, and she and I met and really hit it off at a wedding a few years ago. Little did I know that Maria would inspire me to insanity!

I have been following Maria’s training on Facebook – and also another friend, Lizzie Duemig. Lizzie actually just joined Team In Training (she’s going to do the Half Marathon) – Lizzie is a Beachbody gal and also is in training for the police academy – these are serious grrls!

Anyway – Maria really inspired me to do Team In Training. I didn’t realize she had switched to the IRONMAN team – until I signed up, and sent her a “poke” through Facebook to tell her. Now, we are teammates! I am so jazzed!

She helped me to get my donation “button” up on the left side of my Facebook page, and then I switched my home page here on to also have a link. (I’m sure there is a way to put one on the sidebar, but that’s too much for this grrl right now).

This morning – I had a DONATION! I am so excited I can barely contain myself! Yay! Only $7950 to go! :-)

I’ve decided to do a greeting card through SendOutCards for anyone who sends a donation. It will have (oh lordie lordie) photographs of me inside as I look now. It’s scary as Heck. Seriously. I had H take some photographs of me so I would have “before” pictures and we BOTH looked at them and said – “Yeah, that’s just not good.” But once I get the donors into the SOC Contact Manager system, I will be able to do updates, and hopefully everyone will share with my success!

I am SO EXCITED to have the donation. Thank you, Donna! You rocked my world this morning!